PSSA Trophy

Approximately 585 primary students from 7 Armidale schools converged on Sunnyside Road Stock Reserve this year to compete for the PSSA trophy for best overall school. The competition was quite close this year with regular attendees TAS Junior School narrowly beating NEGS Junior School, who have not competed in the event for a few years.


School Yr 34 score Yr 56 score Yr 56 line Overall
TAS Junior 4.14 5.68   4.98
NEGS Junior   5.24 0.00 4.68
St Marys 4.08 3.97   4.03
Armidale City 3.80 3.21 7.00 3.83
Martins Gully 3.81 3.63 3.22 3.58
Waldorf School   4.58 1.44 3.24


Individual Trophies

In addition to the primary competition there were also 116 secondary students competing for individual trophies.

In the competition for individual/team trophies, it was a clean sweep for Armidale City in the Year 5&6 Easy line course, and almost so for Duval High School in the senior divisions, with Claude Toakley and Sebastian Stoessel from O'Connor Catholic College just managing to claim third place in the Year 7&8 Moderate line course.

Year 5&6 Easy line course

Place Name(s) School Time
1 Alannah Williams Armidale City PS 00:22:22
2 Anna Gooley Armidale City PS 00:23:31
3 Brayden Grieve | Marley Doak Armidale City PS 00:25:46

Year 7&8 Moderate line course

Place Name(s)
1 Tom Waugh | Jordan Pattison Duval HS 00:33:12
2 Fynn Eastwood | Andre Cooper Duval HS 00:36:41
3 Claude Toakley | Sebastian Stoessel O'Connor Catholic College 00:48:20

Year 9-12 Moderate line course

Place Name(s)
1 Tumi Thorsteinsson Duval HS 00:24:42
2 Declan Rich | William Fittler Duval HS 00:28:53
3 Isaiah Corsi Duval HS 00:36:31

Complete Results

Full result lists can be downloaded from these links:

Score course results

Line course results