NTOC's annual twilight event series gets underway on Wednesday with a sprint style event on a new map of Armidale High School. This will be followed on successive Wednesdays by events at the Apex Lookout, PLC School and Sport UNE. Courses will open at 5 pm and close at 6:30 pm, except for the Sport UNE event which will open at 4 pm.

Sprint style orienteering has become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name implies, the courses are usually quite short with expected winnng times of 12-15 minutes. They are invariably held in places like university or college campuses where there are complex networks of buildings and pathways. The emphasis is on careful map reading and navigation at high speed.

For this Wednesday's event, first time course setter Malcolm McPhee has set a 2.5 km course that will have you puzzling about the optimum route to take around the maze of buildings that constitute Armidale High School.

For the less ambitious, there will also be an option to do a scatter course in which the 14 controls may be visited in any order.