Don finishing at Long Point 201725 teams made the journey to Long Point last Sunday for a rare day of spur gully orienteering in this beautiful bushland setting. The weather was still:  cool enough to get you moving, but not beastly unpleasant to sit around in.

There was positive feedback on the Easy and Moderate courses. One comment was that control location on the Moderate course was too easy, However, the organiser is just happy that no-one (not even the novices) got lost in the steep terrain,

The Hard courses were a different story. Almost nobody (except a couple of wise older competitors) reported a perfect run. Quite a few found themselves in very steep gullies off the map altogether. The organiser restrains his smile and hopes he will be forgiven for challenging people.

Thank you to everybody who pitched in and made the organising so hassle-free. Thank you to members (and others) for coming so far to the event (and then for not getting lost while they were there!).

Bob Hawkins