The Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club is a small but active orienteering club based in Armidale. There is a club committee, elected at the club's AGM, that meets regularly to plan events and to attend to general business.


The club organises orienteering events approximately once a month in and around Armidale. Events are mostly held on Sundays and located in forested areas such as National Parks, State Forests, Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) and private properties within a 50 km radius of Armidale.


You do not have to be a member to attend an event though entry fees become cheaper should you join the club.

Who goes Orienteering?

Orienteering in Armidale is somewhat more relaxed than orienteering in the capital cities. A mix of people go orienteering including families who go as a group or as a parent and child, others go orienteering to enjoy the bushwalking and to test or improve their navigation skills while yet others are more competitive and compete against the clock.

Coming along to an Event

It is not easy to turn-up to something that is completely new and where you don?t know anyone. The trick is to come along to an event (preferably one that has a blue and green course advertised) and let the organiser know that you are new to orienteering. He or she will ask someone to give you a hand to get started - there is never any shortage of people willing to help and give advice.

Helping out

A great way of getting to know people in the club is to offer to help-out at events. The club can always do with extra help particularly for events like the New England Schools Orienteering Championships, which can attract up to 800 students - a busy day indeed!

Orienteering in Tamworth

One orienteering event is held in the Tamworth area each year. For more details on orienteering in Tamworth please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 6765 5714.