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2005 Results

Boorolong Creek - December 11, 2005

The Christmas event at Boorolong Creek was well attended. With the emphasis on fun, teams of two competed in a relay, with each runner having to complete two legs of a course of their usual standard. Apart from some experienced European visitors, Alinta and Peter Merrotsy blitzed the field. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a barbeque under the sheoaks on the banks of the creek, with the more adventurous swimming or boating on the water.

Erica & Lloyd Barker


Gudbrand Lienand, Ingrid RoeoeleOrange/Blue64
Peter and Alinta MerrotsyOrange/Blue81
Jane Watt and Eric BakerBlue/Orange85
Felix Burkhard and Maddy Doeppel-Sharp/Lloyd Barker-SmithOrange/Blue99
Maurice Anker and Nathan JefferyOrange/Orange101
Don Barker, Felicity and Zoe Barker-SmithOrange/Blue107
Alec Watt and Elsie BakerOrange/Short O113
Cherene and familyBlue115
Sandy and FamilyBlue116
David Clayton, Stefanie MillerOrange/Blue138

West Newholme November 13, 2005

Organiser's report

With blue sky and a mild easterly breeze the conditions for Orienteering were absolutely perfect last Sunday. A record turnout of almost 50 keen enthusiasts found their way to the idyllic Newholme property at the foot of Mount Duval. Six courses were on offer with different grades and lengths, each providing a challenge for the participants.

Four year old Zoe Barker-Smith clearly won the Blue course event, while the Green course was much harder contested with the brothers Glen and Jason Godlonten just marginally ahead of Kelly Lankester and Alinta Merrotsy, who had run a respectable time on the Short orange course beforehand. Special mention must go to John Dennis, who after a fall in the mud, got back on his feet, recovered and had another go!

The Short Orange course was well contested and deservingly won by Jane Watt. Last scored were the two 10 year old boys Kyrill Ho and Ben Hutchinson, who ventured out confidently, got a little lost, but did not give up until they had punched all the flags. On the long course Philip Watt won the event, despite being somewhat out of practice.

On the short red course, despite a great number of participants, there was no real competition for Lloyd Barker-Smith, who showed his good form and won this event competently. The Long Red course, our king class was won by Don Barker, with Maurice Anker coming a close second. He mentioned helping some slighly disoriented Orange participant, which, if he had not done this, could have tipped the balance at the top.

Thank you to everyone for turning up, having fun and make this event so successful, to Ramona and Stacie for helping, Eric Baker for collecting the remainder of the red flags and UNE and John Dell for allowing us to run the event at Newholme.

The next Orienteering Event is on Sunday 11 December, our Club Christmas event, near Milsons bridge, 25 km west of Armidale on the Bundarra road. Look out for details in the week ahead.

Felix Burkhard


Blue course (2.1 km)

Zoe Barker-Smith 42:40
Maddy Doepel-Sharp & Evie Wilkins 51:50
Nicholas Hadfield 56:00
Ramona Burkhard 61:00
Stacie Lankester 61:00

Green course (3.1 km)

Glen Godlonton 38:49
Jason Godlonton 39:30
Kelly Lankester & Alinta Merrotsy 41:10
John Dennis 64:55
Rowena Childs 65:00
Sandy, Sam & Nicola Watson 76:00
Christie Kelly DNF

Short Orange course (4.0 km)

Jane Watt 68:00
Alinta & Peter Merrotsy & Kelly Lankester 79:00
Michael Dennis 86:00
Louise Kelly 123:00
Daniel Kelly 123:00
Kyrill Ho & Ben Hutchison 170:00
Cindy Schneider & Geoff Smith DNF

Long Orange course (4.8 km)

Philip Watt 67:30
David Clayton 90:00
Barb Vaschina & Isabel Van Lutsem 127:30
Diana Helmrich 129:30
Judy Colman 142:00

Short Red course (4.5 km)

Lloyd Barker-Smith 46:25
Joakim Ho 94:00
Erica Smith 114:55
Emma & Craig Flemming 161:00
Marly Sinden 181:19
Jack Sinden 181:20
Jess Sharp & Alex Eberli DNF
Tony Pearce DNF

Long Red course (6.0 km)

Don Barker 52:00
Maurice Anker 54:55
Alec Watt 63:20
Peter Merrotsy 68:50
Nathan Jeffrey 91:00

Gara TSR October 16, 2005

Organiser's report

Fourteen orienteers braved the cold and wet at the Gara TSR last Sunday. Every one did well and there were no late finishers in the score event. Third grader, John Dennis was an outstanding orienteer. He completed his first attempt at a green course (2.5 kms) in 39 minutes. This was much faster than the organisers' time to put out the flags. Well done John!


Green course (2.5 km)

John Dennis 39:00 mins

Score course (1 hour)

23 controls
Don Barker 36:38 mins
Maurice Anker 40:34 mins
Nathan Jeffrery 42:02 mins
AlecWatt 45:14 mins

18 controls
Craig and Emma Flemming 57:18 mins
Brian Helmrich 57:57 mins
Eveline Helmrich 57:57 mins

16 controls
Diana Helmrich 57:40 mins

13 controls
Daniel and Elizabeth Kelly 54:00 mins

11 controls
Louise and Christie Kelly 55:00 mins

Moonbi Hill TSR September 18, 2005

Organiser's report

Another cool spring morning greeted the orienteerers to Moonbi for this years event. The rain on the previous Friday made the course very wet in the low lying areas. However the sunny weather soon dried out the wet competitors.

John Dennis, was the only one to enter the blue course but completed it in a very respectable time of 28 minutes. He went out again with his father Michael on the short orange for some more practice.

Frank Loi and Kevin & Thomas Paddison, both from Tamworth, entered the green course for their first orienteering event. The course was considerably longer than the 3km if you followed the tracks rather than cross country routes.

Russell Swanson and Charlie Thomson made the trip over from Gunnedah and entered the long orange and short red courses, respectively. Russell won the long orange course in a time of 1:18:26. Diana Helmrich and Louise Kelly, fresh from the armchair orienteering talk on Wednesday night, were eager to try their new found skills on the orange course. Both did well on the course. Apologies to Louise for the last control on the orange course that was removed before she finished her run.

Maurice Anker did a very good time on the red course despite giving away a few minutes at the start. Maurice was closely followed by Don, Lloyd and Alec. Natham Jeffrey, a new comer from Victoria, had enough energy left after running the red course to get on his mountain bike and do a bit of exploring. Eric Baker won the course in a time of 43min 28sec. The long (500m) uphill leg from the last control was very tough on the competitors, apart from being a bit boring. Gail Chiplin and Steven Harden, both from Tamworth, did the long red course for the first time. This was only Gails second orienteering event.

Eric supplied a fruit cake and oranges at the end of the event which soon disappeared.

Thanks to Rod Bambach, who assisted with the course setup, Jack and Marly Sinden who arrived late to pick up the flags and signs for the next event. The co operation, from the Rural Lands Protection Board (Armidale) and the local landholder, in the preparation of the course is appreciated.


Blue course (2.0 km)

John Dennis 0:28:01

Green Course (3.1 km)

Frank Loi 0:43:20
Kevin & Thomas Paddison 1:16:26

Short Orange course (3.8 km)

Garry Slocombe 1:00:31
Michael Dennis 1:15:30
Diana Helmrich 1:28:53
Louise Kelly 2:29:22

Long Orange course (4.9 km)

Russell Swanson 1:18:36
David Clayton 1:14:23
Barbara Vaschina & Sandra Cormack 1:25:05

Short Red course (4.0 km)

Charlie Thomson 1:39:19

Long Red course (5.7 km)

Eric Baker 0:43:28
Maurice Anker 0:47:42
Don Barker 0:48:03
Lloyd Barker-Smith 0:49:48
Alec Watt 0:50:32
Natham Jeffrey 1:02:27
Gail Chiplin & Steven Harden 2:17:40

Banalasta - August 21, 2005

Blue course

Ann Helmrich 38:00
Tom Schwenke 57:45

Green course

James Poole 43:00
Christie Kelly 59:00
Nicola, Sam, Dave & Sandy Watson 78:30

Short Orange course

Sue Gregory 71:20
Diana Helmrich 96:40
Greame Schwenke 98:40
Gail Chaplin 107:50
Ashfar 131:00
Marly Sinden 131:10
Jack Sinden 131:15

Long Orange course

Narelle Clayton 52:10
David Clayton 75:30
Barbara Vaschina & Sandra Colmac 105:20
Brent Gregory DNF

Short Red course

Bruce Haigh 74:45
Felix Burkhard 75:00
Boahdan Gregory 77:54

Long Red course

Eric Baker 58:15
Graeme Cooper 84:00
Nathan Jeffrey DNF

Blue Hole Event - July 24, 2005

Organiser's report

A day of practically perfect weather for orienteering saw an excellent turnout. The local wildlife also appreciated the good weather and a number of sightings of echidnas were reported. Armidale Express photographer Daryl also made an appearance and got thoroughly involved, practically completing the Blue course in search of the perfect picture. The organiser was running late (as he usually is) and was very grateful for David Clayton's help - the right man in the right place at the right time!

We were very pleased to welcome a number of people for their first or second event, including the Logan & Burnett families, Christie & Louise Kelly, Sandy & Nicola Watson, Sandra Cormack, Terry Pearce, James Poole, Diana Helmrich and Geoff Smith.

Since many of the tracks south of the Threlfall picnic area (our start/finish) have disappeared, it is now difficult to devise Blue & Green courses without using the well-maintained flume-way track. These courses were therefore very similar to novice courses on other recent Blue Hole events. None of the young adventurers complained however, and importantly all finished their courses. The Green course required competitors to make route choices on several legs, including the first leg, where the choice was to cross the Gara River by rock hopping, or come back past the start and use the bridge. Everyone chose the direct, rock hopping, route, apparently without any incidents.

The course setter presented competitors with a stark choice on the last leg of the Orange and Red courses - go straight ahead across Powers Creek gorge (a drop of 40 metres down a slope that was 1 in 1 in parts, followed by a climb of 70 metres), or go around the long way and avoid the gorge. Most chose the direct route, but a few took the long route, largely retracing their tracks from their first couple of controls. Some found it frustrating that the track across the creek above the gorge, obvious on the way out, was so hard to spot on the way home, causing much thrashing about among the reeds! The other significant route choice, the first leg, had a trap which the course setter hadn't really foreseen. A casual glance at the map suggested that the fence on the western edge of the map was the easiest way to the control, but the map shows a sizeable gap in the fence, and (to the experienced eye) incomplete mapping in that area - definitely an area to be avoided. As it happens, the gap in the fence (the unmapped section) is filled by a huge pile of boulders, which caused considerable confusion among the Orange course participants who tried to follow the fence. The more experienced Red course competitors generally chose the obvious track option!

The best performers of the day were the Merrotsy group (Stephanie, Alinta and friends) on Blue, Torsten Strokirch on Green, Michael Smart on Short Orange, Gary Slocombe on Long Orange (2nd win in a row!), Narelle Clayton on Short Red and Eric Baker on Long Red. However most people weren't there to compete, and were happy to take it steady and enjoy the beauties of the Blue Hole area.

Alec Watt


Blue course

Stephanie Merrotsy, Alinta Merrotsy, Kelly Lankester, Stacie Lankester 25:18
Sandy & Nicola Watson 34:45
John Dennis 35:27

Green course

Torsten Stokirch 46:20
James Poole 47:35
Alinta Merrotsy 49:45
Diana Helmrich 51:43
Christy & Louise Kelly 85:32
Laura, Amanada & Andreas Tillmann 80:30
Felicity Barker-Smith 97:48
Ian Burnett + Callum & Sandy 102:00
Lucy & Eleanor Logan 102:30
Zoe Barker-Smith 107:20
Emma Flemming 107:50

Short Orange course

Michael Smart 65:45
Tony Pearce 71:41
Elsie Baker & Jose van den Akker 97:55
Stevenson family 146:10
Jack Sinden 157:00
Marly Sinden 157:00
Cindy Schneider & Geoff Smith DNF

Long Orange course

Gary Slocombe 87:20
Barbara Vaschina & Sandra Cormack 99:05
David Clayton 105:45

Short Red course

Narelle Clayton 82:08

Long Red course

Eric Baker 60:33
Don Barker 64:22
Lloyd Barker-Smith 71:10
Nathan Jeffery 76:10
Peter Merrotsy 96:03
Brent & Boahdan 104:39

QBIII, Eugowra - June 11-13, 2005

NTOC survives Sportident at QBIII

Twelve intrepid, or rather masochistic, NTOC orienteers made the 6 hour trip to Eugowra for the annual 3 day QBIII orienteering. The fist 2 days were on the most rugged part of the map used for the Australian Champs last year. Winning times were incredibly slow due to the masses of granite boulders in thick cypress pine on steep slopes. E.g. Lloyd Barker Smith was the fastest on Red 5 on the second day and needed 93 mins for 6.1 km. Similarly Eric Baker was fastest on Red 7 (4.1km) in 61 mins.

Nevertheless most of the NTOCer's came to terms with the conditions with some good performances. Lloyd was second overall in M16A, Eric first in M45AS with Alec Watt 3rd, Brent Gregory 3rd in M35B and Felicity Barker-Smith 2nd in W12A.

On day three, the relay courses were the total opposite with lightning fast times in semi-open granite country. This was where the regular cross country runners Kasimir and Boahdan Gregory came to the fore, combining with Alec Watt to win their relay. This was despite Kaz being given the Long Orange course map instead of Blue. Unfortunately the Sportident electronic timing system was unable to cope with Kaz being given the wrong course, which means the team is still waiting for its badges to be sent. This problem and many others occurring during the relays gives organisers here in NTOC some worries about using Sportident next year when the QBIII event will be held in Armidale.

The NTOC Group 3 team of Don, Lloyd and Eric ran 3rd and the other Group 7 team of Brent Gregory, Erica Smith and Sue Gregory was 5th. The unofficial Group 6 team of Zoe, Felicity and Myee Gregory was third on times in their class.

QBIII susccess
Eric, Brent and Alec at QBIII

Dumaresq Dam - June 5, 2005

Organiser's report

Around 40 people turned up at Dumaresq Dam on Sunday 5 June, to enjoy the first grey day we've had this winter. The cool weather produced some fast times on all courses but left the organisers cooling their heels more than they had expected. Some runners ensured they stayed warm before and after their course by biking or running to and/or from the event. The organisers were very impressed by these energy levels.

We were pleased to welcome several first timers, and recent arrivals to Armidale, including our youngest (ever?) orienteer, Baby Flemming. We hope they all feel tempted to come orienteering again.

Apologies to all those red and orange runners who could not get their questions answered by the under-informed personnel on the registration desk. Next time we have split starts, we'll get hold of maps for courses starting up the track!

Thanks to all who helped out briefing newcomers, collecting flags and minding the desk.

Look forward to seeing you all at Blue Hole.

Judy, Jon and Peter


Blue course

Jason Godlonton 21:00
Alinta Merrotsy and Kelly 30:00
James Poole 51:00
Karin Von Strokirch 55:00

Green course

Glen Godlonton 28:00
Alinta Merrotsy 32:00
Felicity Barker Smith 55:00
Daniel Bateman 69:00
Zoe Barker Smith 75:00

Short Orange course

Craig Flemming 71:19
Narelle Clayton 97:50
David Clayton 109:45
Liz Radford & Bruce Haigh 121:00
Jack Sinden 128:00
Diana Helmrich 132:00
John Dennis 135:00
Marly Sinden DNF
Emma Flemming & Baby Flemming DNF
Clive Skilton DNF
Michael Smart DNF

Long Orange course

Garry Slocombe 88:48
Barbara Vaschina 90:35
Bruce Stevenson & Family 188:00

Short Red course

Brent Gregory 95:50
Eric Baker DNF

Long Red course

Don Barker 57:53
Mel Simpson 59:43
Lloyd Barker-Smith 60:27
Maurice Anker 63:34
Nathan Jeffery 79:10
Boahdan Gregory 123:00

Oakview - May 1, 2005

Blue course

Jason Godlonton 24
Ramona Burkhard 27
Zoe Barker-Smith 28
Karin von Strokirch 67

Green course

Torsten Strokirch and Michael Smart 25
Glen Godlonton 26
David Gishford 37
Alinta Merrotsy 37
Kyrill Ho 45
Emma Flemming 47
Felicity Barker-Smith 60

Orange course

Lloyd Barker-Smith 29
John Dennis 41
Dave Clayton 42
Brent Gregory 49
Craig Flemming 49
Barbara Vaschina 51
Clive Skilton 51
Michael Smart 53
Elsie Baker 56
Imogen Gurney and Naomi Beck 114
Mathie Ho 126

Red course

Don Barker 51
Bob Hawkins 60
Alec Watt 61
Peter Merrotsy 83
Felix Burkhard 83
Boahdan Gregory 86
Nathan Jeffrey 89
Joachim Ho 96
Graeme Cooper 103
Kyrill Ho
Kyrill Ho at Oakview 2005

Boorolong - April 3, 2005

Blue course

Kyrill Ho 29:50
Tom Boyes 32:10
John Dennis 33:00
Alinta Merrotsy 40:10

Green course

Glen Godlonton 60:30
Jason Godlonton 95:00
Felicity Barker-Smith 127:00
Zoe Barker-Smith 127:50

Short orange course

Jon Lindstad 87:50
Joakim Ho 93:20
Stevenson family 110:20
Sue Watt 120:20

Long orange course

(no entries)

Short red course

Felix Burkhard 63:35
Boahdan & Brent Gregory 82:30
Narelle Clayton 124:15
Jane Watt 125:30
Judy Colman 129:15

Long red course

Peter Merrotsy 67:10
Lloyd Barker-Smith 72:10
Don Barker 74:50
Graeme Cooper 142:05
Nathan Jeffery DNF

Banalasta - November 14, 2004

Blue (1.9 km)
No entrants
Green (2.7 km)
Zoe Barker Smith (+ Don) 51:00
Felicity Barker-Smith 53:04
Short Orange (3.0 km)
Jon Lindstad 82:45
John & Michael Dennis 91:30
Narelle Clayton 106:20  (DNF - missed one)
Long Orange (4.9 km)
David Clayton 87:43
Judy Colman 174:03
John Brettell & Barbara Trehy 185:30
Short Red (3.4 km) 185m climb (5.4%)
Lloyd Barker-Smith 43:20
Terry Cooke 46:57
Philip Watt 57:46
Jane Watt 62:57
Felix Burkhard 74:37
Erica Smith 128:38
Medium Red (4.5 km) 245 m climb (5.4%)
Eric Baker 66:46
Bruce Haigh 80:03
Boahdan & Brent Gregory 107:52
Long Red (6.1 km) 355 m climb (5.8%)
Don Barker 66:45
Arrin Daley 79:32
Maurice Anker 81:23
Keith Power 98:30

The weather for the event was just about perfect - after a lot of rain, then a strong wind, we had a light frost that morning followed by a clear and sunny day without too much heat or humidity. The only blight on the perfect conditions were the numerous & very sticky bush flies!

The most hotly contested class was the Short Red, where Juniors & veterans and males & females went head to head. Philip Watt's (57:46) youth and fitness beat his mother Jane's (62:57) experience, but was no match for the fitness and experience of Terry Cooke (46:57). That should have been the end of the story, but someone forgot to tell Lloyd Barker-Smith (43:20) that this is a very difficult map for a 14-year old! Great effort Lloyd.

Eric Baker (66:46) was the quickest on the Medium Red, but had some (quite reasonable) excuses for not being even quicker. One was a hidden flag - wrapped around behind a tree by the fierce wind of the previous day. As the first competitor to reach that control site, it was up to Eric to finally spot the hidden control and rearrange it so that others were not disadvantaged as he had been. Bruce Haigh (80:03), our only Tamworth competitor on the day, showed he is steadily learning the tricks involved in interpreting complex rock detail.

Despite the small field for the Long Red, there were some most interesting results. For once we saw Keith Power (98:30) actually affected by his lack of recent orienteering match practice, while Maurice Anker (81:23), finally back after several recurrences of a particularly persistent flu virus, made the most of his familiarity with the area, having been a course setter for the state champs last year. Then Arrin Daley (79:32) - a local lad who has been living in South Australia and who learnt orienteering skills over there - sprang a surprise by beating Maurice by a couple of minutes.

That left Don, who did a 50 minute warm-up by taking daughter Zoe around the Green course. Don Barker was feeling competitive, and checked the other results before he started. However he thought Arrin had actually run 69 instead of 79:00, and pushed himself all the way to finish in 66:45 - an excellent result on what must rank as currently our most challenging map!

We shouldn't forget the Orange courses - looking at the times, they might have been a touch long! As contestants discovered, on a map of this type Orange courses can be almost as hard as Red! Since John Brettell's & Barbara Trehy's only other event had been Moonbi TSR (fairly easy gully/spur terrain), they naturally assumed this would be more of the same. They got a surprise, to put it mildly. Sorry John & Barbara, I should have recommended you stick to short Orange for a bit longer. Still, now you've mastered the most difficult navigation we've got to offer, we hope you'll keep coming to experience all the other great areas we visit in the course of a year.

Postscript: just out of interest I analysed the rate of progress of the top competitors on the Red and Orange courses (figures are in minutes per kilometre). This showed Don to be the quickest (10.9 m/km) with Lloyd second (12.7 m/km). Arrin (13.0) & Maurice (13.4) were just behind Lloyd, with Terry (13.8) rounding out the top five

Alec Watt