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2009 Results

Sunnyside TSR - November 15, 2009

Blue course

No entries

Green course

Laura Schneider & Kristine Longhorst 56:52
Jack Sinden 117:16
Marly Sinden 117:16

Short Orange course

Jane Watt SO 51:38
James & David Symons 52:33
Lindsay Symons 53:39
Andreas Tillmann 57:43
Sandy & Nicola Watson 74:20
Disa Smart & Karin 119:03

Long Orange course

Murray Scown 30:52
Kasimir Gregory 33:43
Don Barker 40:46
Peter Merrotsy 45:00
Maurice Anker 47:05
Boahdan Gregory 47:06
Matthew Ford 61:46
Katie Lillyman 79:51
Sue & Brent Gregory 81:23
Micael & Torsten 90:37
Steve Tremont 98:27
Graeme Cooper 103:22

Yooroonah - 25 October, 2009

Near perfect weather brought out a small group of more adventurous orienteers for the rogaine style 2 and 6 hour event held in the Yooroonah section of Cathedral Rock National Park. Kasimir Gregory showed the others how it is done by zipping around the 2 hour course in just 1 hour and 23 minutes. Youth came out on top again for the 6 hour course when after a long spell away, Matt Woodward came along and collected all the controls with an hour and 4 minutes to spare.

Rogaines are a score event in orienteering terms. The aim is to find as many controls as you can in the allocated time. The main difference between the two sports is the the map used. For rogaines it is usually based on an off-the-shelf topo which means it lacks the detail and accuracy of an orienteering map. For this event it was 1:25000 scale with 10 m contours. The biggest improvement to the base map has been to the vegetation, which I have redrawn using Google Earth and SIX images. I have also added 195 termite mounds. Eric, how about another of your white ant courses?

Graeme Cooper

2 hour course

Place Name Points Time Score

1 Kasimir Gregory 240 1:23 240
2 Maurice Anker 230 1:58 230
3 Boahdan Gregory 150 1:50 150
4 Sue & Brent Gregory 150 1:54 150
5 Garry Slocombe & Patrick Rice 160 2:01 150
6 Amanda & Andreas Tillmann 130 1:56 130
7 Nicola & Sandy Watson 130 2:01 120
8 Ramona & Felix Burkhard 190 2:14 50

6 hour course

Place Name Points Time Score

1 Matt Woodward 560 4:56 560
2 Peter Merrotsy 560 5:06 560
3 Don Barker 560 5:13 560
4 John & Gill Woodward 250 5:49 250
5 Barry Brandon 200 4:50 200
6 Michael Smart 90 2:58 90
7 Charlie Thomson 150 6:14 10

Pine Forest - September 4, 2009

The rain forecast for Friday did not eventuate, but the full moon did, and it even conveniently rose at sunset to help the night orienteering. Just over twenty wayward souls found themselves at the Pine Forest at 6:30 p.m. to compete in this year's Night Orienteering event. Three 'Score' courses were on offer: controls were worth between 1 and 4 points each; and there were too many controls for anyone to get the lot within an hour, so decisions had to be made about which controls to visit, in which order, and what route to take. The Watson's, ably assisted by Zo, performed strongly to win the event ahead of the 'elite' orienteers. Team Bruhl did manage to visit each control on their course, but lost points because they came in over the hour limit. The 'elite' runners found the night navigation challenging, especially the rocky spur in the Medieval forest. Thank you to Alinta for help setting the courses and conceiving the scoring system, to Maurice for help with the map, and to Eric and Felix for flag collection.

Peter Merrotsy


36Sandy, Nicola & Sam Watson, and Zo Barker Smith
33Jeremy & Oliver Bruhl (late penalty applied)
32Don Barker
28Eric Baker
26Felix Burkhard
21Graeme Cooper
21Alec Watt (late penalty applied)
18Erica Smith
18Maurice Anker
16Alinta Merrotsy & India Winiger
8Michael, Karin, Torsten & Disa Smart

Long Point - August 9, 2009

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, with 7 degrees of frost. The car I had intended to use had no heater, which seemed positively suicidal when I saw how heavily frosted up all the glass was, but a quick reshuffle saw me on the road by 7:15 am in a nice warm car! Fortunately things improved - by the time I reached the National Park the car thermometer was indicating +4C - so about 11C warmer than home!

I finished hanging Blue & Green controls by about 9:30 am - still managed to keep Eric & Maurice waiting for their early start, but they were soon off and running. However while hanging the flags I decided on a last-minute change to the Green course. I managed to cross a track in the dry rainforest (love that contradictory name!) without seeing it, and was concerned that less experienced orienteers may have the same problem, but take longer to realise their mistake. It's OK for the wallabies and lyre birds that live there - they know where the cliffs are! I had brought out computer and printer (& inverter) just in case, but with course and descriptions to change it all took time.

Fortunately for me people came in a steady trickle rather than a flood, and the Stuart family, who were first out on the Green course were happy to take hand-modified maps rather than wait for me to get my act together. It appears that the Orange course may have been a bit long (sorry Karin & Torsten), but apart from that that there were no complaints (except from Nicola Watson, who complained the Green course was too easy!) - it's always a relief when the majority of starters agree that the controls were in the right locations!

Given what a perfect winter's day it turned out to be, it was a shame not to see more people, however the Long Red was as keenly contested as ever. If Maurice had started before Eric it would have made for a very exciting finish between them - as it was, Maurie was unable to pull back any of the three minutes' start he gave Eric. Later on there were a couple of epic contests of runner vs navigator. First of all Don gave Michael Smart (a very fit cross-country runner) 18 minutes start, and managed to catch him, but was finally outsprinted (out-barnstormed!!) to the finish by 3 seconds. Then Felix, whose navigation and stamina improve every year, gave Steve Tremont (a less-regular orienteer, but very fit ultra-distance runner) 6 minutes start. Felix quickly caught Steve (who took a couple of legs to read himself into the map), and they then raced each other around the course. Steve would draw ahead because of his speed, then Felix would catch up as Steve faltered near the controls. However there was a road-runner option to the last control, which Steve took successfully. This allowed him to finish nearly 2 minutes ahead of Felix, although Felix was quicker overall due to his better performance early in the event.

Finally, no event lately would be complete without mention of Katie Lillyman from Tamworth (who said nothing good comes out of Tamworth?). Katie amazed us all only 2 months ago by completing her first long red - a feat that takes most new orienteers several years to achieve. This month, with no chance to practice for 2 months, and a two hour drive from Tamworth to get to Long Point, she took nearly an hour off her previous time!

Unfortunately the Opera Highlights concert was on that afternoon. Karin & I had to get back in time to sing, and others to be in the audience. Thanks to Don Barker who took over and finished off running the event after a hard run on the Long Red - even collecting most of the controls!

PS. I forgot to mention that while most competitors used the standard map, Eric, Maurice & Don used maps with all roads & tracks removed. On the face of it, using tracks & roads must make you slower, as the 3 aforementioned gents finished 1st, 2nd & 3rd! To be fair, all three had a pretty fair idea where the roads and tracks were on the map (having been there before), although Don claimed that following tracks cost him time, because he only thought he knew where they went!

Being a true "Gully/Spur" map (which means there are very few point features compared to a "Granite" map), the focus was not on finding controls (there weren't very many), but on route choice. Clearly E, D & M have a great deal of experience at this. However, they were up against formidable distance runners in Michael Smart & Steve Tremont, who should have been able to make better choices, being in possession of better information, and use the tracks to make use of their speed advantage. In the end, experience won out (again) over youth and enthusiasm!

Alec Watt

Blue course 1.8 km

No starters

Green course 2.2 km

Rochelle & Bruce Stuart 43:30
Laura & Anreas Tillman 52:11
Michael & Marilyn Stuart 58:53
Nicola Watson & Amielle Waters 59:10

Orange course 3.8 km

Dave, Sam & Sandy Watson 105:10
Karin & Torsten von Strokirch DNF

Short Red course 4.0 km

Gary Slocombe 71:45

Long Red course 6.1 km

Eric Baker 66:10
Maurice Anker 67:54
Don Barker 70:01
Felix Burkhard 78:10
Steve Tremont 82:24
Michael Smart 87:58
Katie Lillyman 127:28

Banalasta - July 12, 2009

A sunny winter's day with just a gentle breeze provided ideal conditions for the outing at Banalasta. Some clearing of forest, a new fence and some enhanced tracks following a recent change of property ownership dictated a start/finish point closer to the more interesting granite terrain in the northwest corner of the map, thus allowing even the shorter courses to make use of this area.

Kas Gregory lead the way in the 5.7 km Long Red course from Don Barker, who was unable to match Kas's speed in the the more open parts of the course.

Bruce Haigh showed that he has not forgotten his skills by easily winning the 4.0 km Short Red course. He was followed distantly by Alex Eberli, who came out to show off his 25 cm abdominal scar from his recent appendix operation and to relieve the boredom of recuperation with a leisurely stroll around the course. We have to commiserate with Felicity for turning right when she should have turned left after control 7 and ended up going off the map. She joins a not inconsiderable group of people who have done just that, and she can now lay claim to being a real orienteer.

Sue and Brent Gregory easily won the Orange course from all those who stayed at home, while on the Green course, the Stuart family were too good for Zoe Barker-Smith on her second run of the day after completing the Blue course with mum, Erica.

The organiser would like to thank Grant Campbell, manager of Birrilee Station, for permission to use the property and for his cooperation with stock management.

Maurice Anker

Blue course

Zoe Barker-Smith & Erica 32:25

Green course

Rochelle, Michael, Amy, Marilyn Stuart 50:50
Zoe Barker-Smith 53:15

Orange course

Sue & Brent Gregory 81:55

Short Red course

Bruce Haigh 57:30
Alex Eberli 107:30
Felicity Barker-Smith DNF
Graeme Cooper DNF

Long Red course

Kas Gregory 60:45
Don Barker 65:35
Boahdan Gregory 76:38
Terry Cooke 100:00
Michael Smart 120:30

Dangars Falls - June 28, 2009

Congratulations to the 30 participants who braved the intermittent drizzle at Dangar Falls on Sunday. They had some interesting orienteering. The 1.3 km walk to the start added to the exercise, but also made it possible to set more interesting courses.

The courses were physically and sometimes technically challenging. Perhaps partly because of the weather, winning times were mostly rather long. Apologies to any competitors who felt they got more than their money's worth!

The long red course was a tight contest. Don Barker narrowly beat Kasimir Gregory and Maurice Anker. Only 90 seconds separated the first three runners. Katie Lillyman deserves honourable mention, as the only female to compete.

Felix Burkhard cantered away with the short red laurels, 11 minutes ahead of second placed Michael Smart. Alinta Merrotsy was the fastest female, third placed overall.

Nicholas Degotardi came first on the orange course, ahead of father Michael. Congratulations also to the younger competitors (Lucas and Watson families) for completing such a challenging course..

The green course produced more reasonable times. Karin and Torsten von Strokirch were fastest, ahead of Lindsay and David Symons and Hugh Morton.

Bob Hawkins

Blue course

No starters

Green course

Torsten & Karin Strokirch 44:45
Lindsay & David Symons, Hugh Morton 48:42
Michael Stuart 53:12
Rochelle Stuart 71:20

Orange course

Nicholas Degotardi 76:53
Michael Degotardi 90:34
Garry Slocombe & Narelle Clarke 137:35
Lucas Family 162:05
Nicola & Sandy Watson 170:25

Short Red course

Felix Burkhard 64:22
Michael Smart 75:27
Alinta Merrotsy 78:43
Felicity Barker-Smith 86:38
Jenny Hawkins 92:20
Sue & Brent Gregory 96:55

Long Red course

Don Barker 76:28
Kasimir Gregory 77:05
Maurice Anker 77:55
Peter Merrotsy 99:00
Boahdan Gregory 102:25
Katie Lillyman 182:20

Dumaresq Dam - May 17, 2009

A good rollout of 28 groups and individuals tried the courses on a idyllically sunny and calm day at Dumaresq Dam. With the terrain being less difficult than other areas, some took the opportunity to step up to a higher level course than usual.

Lindsay Symons (with absolutely no help from the event organiser I must emphasise) completed the Blue course in under 20 minutes, closely followed by Sam Watson and then Disa Smart & Zoe Baker Smith. Torsten Storkirch blitzed both the Green and Orange courses, the former with Karin in shadow and the latter as a team effort. Ingrid Fittler was next on the Green course, followed by the Broadbent family; while Andreas and Laura Tillman then Ros Lillyman completed the placings on the Orange course. The Short Red course was popular, with Eric Baker then Felix Burkhard in front, followed by Alex Eberli who just pipped Felicity Barker-Smith for third. It was close on the Long Red too - Don Barker scattered the resident geese with his usual barnstorming finish to beat the hour, closely followed by Maurice Anker and Peter Merrotsy.

A big thankyou to Anne Symons for providing the delicious scones for finishers.

David Symons

Blue course 1.9 km

Lindsay Symons 19:34
Sam Watson 25:32
Disa Smart & Zoe Barker Smith 34:46

Green course 3.0 km

Torsten Strokirch 39:14
Ingrid Fitttler 46:33
Sarah & Stephen Broadbent 51:34
Nicola & Sandy Watson 56:00
Veronica O'Reilly & Isobel Tasker 61:50
Jeremy, Oliver & Jonathan Bruhl 62:05

Orange course 3.5 km

Torsten & Karin von Strokirch (2nd Run) 79:55
Andreas & Laura Tillman 115:25
Ros Lillyman 144:00

Short Red course 4.4 km

Eric Baker 42:39
Felix Burkhard 46:48
Alex Eberli 71:16
Felicity Barker-Smith 71:46
Kate Lillyman 93:53
Graeme Cooper 96:25
Erica Smith 109:13
Lucas Family 153:07

Long Red course 6.3 km

Don Barker 59:46
Maurice Anker 60:14
Peter Merrotsy 61:38
Terry Cooke 63:01
Bob Hawkins 65:42
Michael Smart 74:04
Boahdan Gregory 77:18
Sue & Brent Gregory 129:20
Bruce Haigh & Steven Harden 141:25

Oakview - April 26, 2009

29 orienteers turned up on a windy but fine day in ideal conditions for the rugged Pinnacles area. The start was on the banks of the Rocky River where the she-oaks provided pleasant protection from the very strong westerly wind. The cooling wind was appreciated by those who took on the steeper courses and enabled good times in what is NTOC's toughest area. The newly mapped area along the river was also appreciated as a flat grassy finish after the previous kilometres of scrub, rocks and logs on the steep slopes.

The 3 longest courses - Long Red, Short Red and Orange - attracted the bulk of the orienteers with close times on these 3 courses. Michael Smart used his cross country running speed to catch and just pass Alex Eberli on the Orange, while late starter Jane Watt showed her long years of experience with a steady error-free run to be only a few minutes behind, just ahead of Lindsay and David Symons.

On Short Red, Australian representative Jenny Hawkins from Dorrigo had a clean run to just pip Alec Watt who was recovering from a calf injury sustained in the Australian 3-day in Tasmania at Easter. At the end, Alec was rueing a few costly minutes lost in navigation. However Felix Burkhard was able to just come in a minute faster than another veteran womens Australian rep, Liz Bourne from Stanthorpe, who made the trip from Queensland especially to toughen up in the difficult terrain.

The Long Red also provided high standard orienteering with 20 mins covering all 7 runners. Pinnacle local Don Barker was caught and passed by Bob Hawkins who had started 4 minutes behind. The 2 were in sight of each other until near the end when Bob headed up too high on a very steep hill and missed seeing the large boulder with the control flag in the dense scrub. The time taken for Bob to get unlost was enough for Don to get away on a fast, mainly downhill run over the last kilometre and finish 5 minutes ahead on overall time. Maurice Anker showed continuation of his good form on this map and also demonstrated how steady running with good navigation is the key to difficult terrain. He finished a minute behind Bob in 3rd with Peter Merrotsy a further minute behind.

Regular runners but only occasional orienteers Terry Cooke and Keith Power showed their fitness in the rugged terrain only to be just outdone by the regular orienteers. The encouragement award of the day should go to Kate Lillyman from Tamworth who despite only coming to her 2nd event had no problems with the Orange course and at the end was determined to step up and run a red course. Unfortunately time had run out so she accepted a truncated run on the Red course and was able to find her way around without too much problem.

Eric Baker

Blue course

Zoe Barker-Smith 45

Green course

Nicola, Sam and Sandy Watson 49
Jack and Marley Sinden 72

Orange course

Michael Smart 48
Alex Eberli 54
Jane Watt 57
Lindsay and David Symons 59
Katie Lillyman 77
Rose, Bob and Tim Lillyman 87

Short Red course

Jenny Hawkins 57
Alec Watt 58
Felix Burkhard 69
Liz Bourne 70
Felicity Barker Smith 84
Erica Smith 178
Gary Slocombe DNF

Long Red course

Don Barker 69
Bob Hawkins 74
Maurice Anker 75
Peter Merrotsy 76
Terry Cooke 81
Keith Power 90

Moonbi Hill TSR - March 15, 2009

Blue course

Zoe Barker-Smith 37:05
Helen Beale, Chris Hudson, Steve Harden 42:30
Tina & Larissa Schenke 61:15
Benjamin Mcleod 74:15

Green course

Katie, Ros & Tim Lillyman 62:30
Helen Beale, Chris Hudson, Steve Harden 62:30
Marion & Cassandra Utting DNF

Short Orange course

Tom, Joel & Graeme Schwenke 110:10

Long Orange course

Alex Eberli 66:55
Dave Clayton 77:48
Katie, Ros & Tim Lillyman 125:40
Dave Laws DNF

Short Red course

Bruce Haigh 45:40
Eric Baker 46:51
Alinta Merrotsy 72:13
Sue & Brent Gregory 94:30

Long Red course

Kas Gregory 119:35
Graeme Cooper DNF
Garry Slocombe DNF
Boahdan Gregory DNF
Peter Merrotsy DNF

Twilight event #4 - Dumaresq Dam - February 25, 2009

Blue course

Zoe Barker-Smith 36:00

Orange course

Don Barker 30:50
Eric Baker 31:35
Peter Merrotsy 32:22
Alex Eberli 46:58
Graeme Cooper 64:00
Erica Smith 75:00

Twilight event #3 - Archery Field - February 18, 2009

The results for a very pleasant Wednesday afternoon at the Archery Range are given below. Even the sun was impressed after raining all day it came out for our event and then went away again.


Blue course

Torsten and Disa Smart 16:24
Zoe Barker-Smith 26:45

Orange course

Kaz Gregory 8:49
Boahdan Gregory 11:38
Don Barker 12:16
Peter Merotsy 12:57
Eric Baker 15:07
Alec Watt 17:06
Michael Smart 17:28
Alex Eberli 18:24
Sue and Brent Gregory 19:26
Jane Watt 20:52
Graeme Cooper 36:25

Twilight event #2 - UNE - February 11, 2009

The cooler weather for this event made it more enjoyable for those running, even though the rain got us in the end.

Although Kas was the course planner, he ran to see how fast someone could do it.


Blue course

Zoe and Erica Barker-Smith 22:45.0

Orange course

Kas Gregory 14:00 (unofficial - course planner)
Boahdan Gregory 19:20
Terry Cooke 23:41
Peter Merotsy 26:00
Alinta Merrotsy 29:36
Felicity Barker-Smith 35:49
Alex Eberli 38:28
Graeme Cooper 46:53
Don Barker 22:39 mp
Lloyd Barker-Smith 23:16 mp
Narelle Clayton 49:49 mp

Twilight event # 1 - Moran Oval - February 4, 2009

Twilight Event 1 Moran Oval The first twilight event of the year was hotly contested by a small group of orienteers on Wednesday 4th February on the Newling map. Less than 2 minutes separated the first 3 on the orange course


Blue course

Torsten Strokirch 18:48
Zoe & Disa 29:07

Green course

Symons Family 23:41

Orange course

Don Barker 25:33
Peter Merrotsy 26:27
Terry Cooke 26:57
Michael Smart 32: 12
Alex Eberli 40:05
Alinta Merrotsy 40:50
Cameron & Mitchell Dell 40:57
Felicity Barker-Smith 44:21
David Clayton 46:53