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2010 Results

Blue Hole - November 14, 2010

Warm conditions greeted the 36 orienteers who travelled to Blue Hole on Sunday. The warmth added to the challenge of the courses, with the Red courses being set in the less-often-used southern section of the map where the Powers Creek gorge poses a significant obstacle. The Blue/Green course closely followed the Threlfall track, with a cross-country shortcut, while the Orange course had lots of left-hand turns in its loop-y journey.

James Symons (without any form of assistance from the event organiser!) blasted around the Blue/Green course in under 38 minutes, and later proved the feat by assisting with control collection. He was followed by newcomers Sue Muir and Belle Jedicka, with Disa Smart coming in third. Disa's dad Michael took out best time on the Orange course, followed by Brent Gregory, then Sue Gregory.

Kas and Boahdan Gregory made it a family placegetting quadrella by taking out the first two places on the Long Red course, followed by Don Barker who pipped Felix Burkhard for third. Terry Cooke was fastest on the Short Red course, followed by Jane Watt.

Welcome to Sue Muir and Belle, Bethany and Axel Jedlicka, for whom this was their first Orienteering event.

Special mention and thanks to Eric Baker, who collected all the Red course controls during his run.

Next Event is the Christmas Five Days. Entry details via

David Symons

Blue/green course (2.8km, 12 controls)

James Symons 0:37:25
Sue Muir and Belle Jedlicka 0:42:48
Disa Smart 0:47:31
Bethany and Axel Jedlicka 0:48:48
Nicola Watson & Kathleen Lenehan 0:51:39
Zoe Barker-Smith 0:57:15
Graham & Catalina Cox, Hamish Wallace and Martina Linneman 1:22:18

Orange Course (4.7km, 10 controls)

Michael Smart 1:07:49
Brent Gregory 1:16:58
Sue Gregory 1:25:09
Sandy Watson 1:49:20
Lucas Family 2:13:54
Torsten and Karin von Strokirch 2:31:31

Rowena Childs 1:23:45 (Modified control ordering)
Niam, Sam & Hamish Watson, and Reuben Charley-Briggs DNF

Short Red Course (4.0 km, 10 controls)

Terry Cooke 1:07:40
Jane Watt 2:05:18

Peter May 1:25:58 (Missed One)
Felicity Barker-Smith DNF

Long Red (6.1 km, 14 controls)

Kas Gregory 1:01:37
Boahdan Gregory 1:17:23
Don Barker 1:27:23
Felix Burkhard 1:27:56
Maurice Anker 1:33:20
Alec Watt 2:03:55

Eric Baker 1:37:48 (Modified control ordering - Collecting)

Thalgarrah - October 31, 2010

NTOC had its first event on a great new map drawn by Maurice and Don at a great venue.

26 people making 21 entries set out on Green, Orange and Red events for an excellent day of orienteering. Welcome to new member [though frequent participant in the past - ed] Rowena Childs, and newcomers Matt McKenzie (formerly of Dubbo), Peter May (Tooheys Forest Queensland Orienteering Club and recent immigrant to Armidale) and Torstens friend Isaac. It was also great to see our Tamworth friend Katie Lillyman back with us again whilst home from university in Sydney.

Congratulations to Bruce and Michael Stuart (the only team to require less time than Kas), Felicity Baker-Smith and Kas Gregory, on great runs. Results below:

A big thanks to Eric who set and laid out the courses for this and last Fridays Schools Orienteering event. And thanks too to the Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre and to Rob and Lucy Adams (owners of the surrounding property of Swallowfield) for permission to use the area.

Garry Slocombe

Green course

Bruce and Michael Stuart 35:00
Rochelle and Marilyn Stuart 40:38
Disa, Torsten and Isaac 45:41
Zoe Baker-Smith 47:34
Sam and Hamish Watson 92:12

Orange course

Felicity Baker-Smith 52:43
Rowena Childs 57:55
Sue Gregory 58:19
Matt McKenzie 58:52
Sandy Watson 66:40
Michael Smart 72:19
Erica Smith 77:54

Red course

Kas Gregory 37:14
Don Barker 46:56
Maurice Anker 49:55
Terry Cooke 50:38
Peter May 56:26
Bob Hawkins 59:03
Felix Burkhard 60:35
Brent Gregory 111:22
Katie Lillyman 112:55

Gara Dam - September 17, 2010

Green course - 2.0 km

Nicola Watson, Sandy Watson and Tamisha Quinn 39:16
Zoe Barker-Smith 47:36
Hamish and Sam Watson 43:47 (MP)

Orange course - 3.6 km

Boahdan Gregory 63:26
Alinta Merrotsy 65:07
Garry Slocombe 73:30
Graeme Cooper 105:30

Red course - 4.9 km

Kas Gregory 32:25
Peter Merrotsy 45:09
Maurice Anker 47:19
Don Barker 50:41
Eric Baker 55:23
Felix Burkhard 59:40

Oakview - August 15, 2010

I thought I had the event planning well under control, until I went out to Oakview on Friday afternoon. The river was very high and the ground soaking wet. I wandered along the river to see if it was safe to cross at the swimming hole, but even there, the waters were raging. After contemplating my options, I decided that the advanced courses would have to stay on the northern side with the wet ground providing enough challenges even to the Red runners. I experienced the soggy ground a few times myself, landing involuntary on my bum and also injuring my knee.

Without a course planned I placed half a dozen controls around the rocky northern hill at a number of spots that I deemed to be testing enough for our seasoned orienteers. I complemented these controls with the already planned Orange markers and went home to replan my red courses.

After discarding three options on how to loop the courses around the given controls, I settled on a course that would offer some challenging route choices and would take our experienced runners at least an hour.

Saturday turned out a fine and mild day, but Sunday dawned with windy and overcast conditions. It fined up a bit and a total of 34 Orienteering enthusiasts made their way out to Oakview. The green course was too difficult for myself, as I misplaced a control. My sincere apologies to all Green runners, particularly to Zoe who was sufficiently confused by my mistake and gave up.

The Orange course provided a few challenges to some, but not to Elsie Baker who completed the course seemingly easily. Mathew McKenzie and Rowena Childs also found all controls in good time.

Peter Merrotsy involuntarily won the short red course due to a mistake when I handed him the wrong map and he did not check his course. Lindsay and David Symons also completed this course in good time, with the rest of the competitors not completing due to injury or the miserable weather.

The Long Red course looped around the limited northern half of the map. It was won in very good time by Kasimir Gregory. Others who saw him just commented on the speed and the confidence that Kas displayed as he passed them... Maurice Anker and Don Barker showed their consistent good form returning in second and third position.

Thanks to Eric Baker for Oranges, drinks and use of the property and thank you to every one for coming out. See you at the next event!

Felix Burkhard

Green course - 2.4 km

Michael Stuart & Dad - 47.45
Rochelle Stuart - 49.24
Louise Kelly with Damien, Nick & Anna - 67.00
Zoe Barker-Smith - 72.00 MP 6

Orange course - 3.9 km

Elsie Baker - 71.30
Mathew McKenzie - 78.20
Rowena Childs - 84.50
Scott, Brad, Adam & David Lucas - 160.30 (MP 2)
Jeanette Verwayen & Gavin Rogers - 141.00 (MP 3)
Christie & Daniel Kelly 89.26 - (MP 6)

Short Red - 3.5 km

Peter Merrotsy - 68.41
David & Lindsay Symons - 78.23
Judy Colman - 180.00 (MP 4)
Felicity Barker-Smith - 76.00 (MP 8)

Long Red - 5.7 km

Kasimir Gregory - 63.52
Maurice Anker - 72.00
Don Barker - 72.45
Bruce Haigh & Steven Harden - 144.00
Garry Slocombe - 147.00
Eric Baker - 64.00 (MP 6)
Campbell Jones & friends - 119.00 (MP 6)

Banalasta - July 18, 2010

As is so often the case, the weather was kind and the event was well attended, but as I write this (only 24 hours later) it's raining, so it could all have been very different! Even without any more rain the country was saturated, with water lying on the surface, and running down tracks. Thanks to everyone for putting up with the long walk from the car park to the start - I believe the owner and manager of the property should be pleased to see how little impact we made.

As the event was closer to Tamworth than usual, it was great to see quite a roll-up from the Country Music Capital. It was especially pleasing to have two members/associates of the newly formed Western Plains OC (based in Dubbo) come along - both Bill and Kim proved to be competent navigators and seemed very at home in the bush, so we hope they will come to many more events.

The Bruhl family brought along the Gultekin family, who expressed surprise that they had only learned of our existence by word of mouth. There certainly seems to be a good case for a renewed publicity effort, if only to try and get people new to Armidale interested in Orienteering before they get involved in too many other things!

It was also great to see Louise Kelly moving confidently through the bush after recovering from knee surgery, so it's to be hoped that Louise and her daughter Christy (who completed the Orange course with great confidence) will become regulars at club events.

The nature of the Banalasta terrain lends itself to short (but difficult) courses, which the course setter took advantage of by setting Short (2.1km) and Medium (4.2) length Red courses. People who wanted to run a long course simply had to complete both Short and Medium courses - the combined time giving their Long or "Classic" distance result. As a result the Red course results take up more space than usual, but there were (alas) really no more competitors than usual. Kasimir was very consistent, winning both sections, but others (such as brother Boahdan and Don Barker), were much less reliable, which made for very tight and competitive racing for the minor placings. For the record, in the Long course a consistent Maurice Anker was second, with a somewhat erratic Don Barker less than a minute behind in third. However both were over 20 minutes behind Kasimir.

The organiser would like to thank Jane for helping to run the event, and Maurice and Gary for assistance with setting up and collecting flags. Special thanks to Warren Clark, who very kindly assisted with pushing a cow back through a gate (which it had just walked through).

- Alec

Blue course - 1.5 km

Francis & Jonathon Bruhl, Cem, Meral & Oskar Gultekin 43:22

Green course - 2.9 km

Kim Newman & Alice Storey 67:50
Oliver Bruhl & Uhur Gultekin 77:00
Louise Kelly, Nick & Anna Dennis 101:45

Orange course 3.3 km

Warren Clark 62:30
Christie Kelly & Hayley Barnett 130:50
Lucas Family 152:30

Red courses (In order of Long time)

Short (2.1 km)  Medium (4.2 km)  Long (6.3 km)
Kasimir Gregory20:4336:2957:12
Maurice Anker29:5147:5978:06
Don Barker34:0344:3978:53
Peter Merrotsy31:3451:2083:11
Felix Burkhard37:5251:2490:57
Boahdan Gregory27:5068:4896:48
Bruce Haig & Steven Harden66:42100:20180:42
Eric Baker34:12
Bill North48:14
Alinta Merrotsy59:24
Jane Watt72:50
Gary Slocombe92:17
Brent & Sue Gregory103:06
Judy Colman191:20


A classic high point
Don: "I can see you"
Don: "I'm stuffed"
Don: "Cheese"
Peter: Now, which way to the finish?
Peter: ... this way, perhaps?
Kas: Ah, there it is
Kas: punching

Mount Duval East - June 27, 2010

Blue course

No starters

Green course

Rowena Childs 44:30
Michael Stuart 46:25
Rochelle Stuart 51:20

Orange course

Narelle Clarke & Garry Slocombe 85:03
Adam & David Lucas 116:40
Oliver Bruhl & Mum 121:23
Jonathan Bruhl & Dad 124:25
Matthew Page 153:05 (missed 2)

Short Red course

Alec Watt 63:12
Sue & Brent Gregory 68:13

Long Red course

Kasimir Gregory 44:09
Boahdan Gregory 61:55
Eric Baker 67:10
Felix Burkard 68:00
Katie Lillyman 95:35

Moonbi TSR - May 23, 2010

Blue course

Tom Waugh 64:05 (missed 5 controls)

Green course

Zoe and Felicity Barker-Smith 82:50
Larissa and Tina Schwenke 115:00

Orange course

Sue and Brent Gregory 57:15
Joel and Graeme Schwenke 121:40
Tom Schwenke 131:00

Short Red course

Alinta Merrotsy 66:17
Wes and Kel Leedham & Nick Curran 99:20

Long Red course

Kasimir Gregory 41:01
Don Barker 54:30
Maurice Anker 63:18
Boahdan Gregory 64:10
Bob Hawkins 73:23
Peter Merotsy 77:59
Murray Scown 47:14 (MP control 12)

West Newholme - April 18, 2010

Blue course

No starters

Green course

Graham & Catalina Cox, Martina Linneman 100:15
Rob, Joy & Felix 100:15

Orange course

Bruce & Rochelle Stuart 81:30
Judy Colman 107:40
Nicholas Degotardi 113:45 (missed 1 punch)

Short Red course

Eric Baker 59:25
Brent & Sue Gregory 70:50
Felicity Barker-Smith 82:25
Alex Eberli 101:40
Garry Slocombe, Narelle Clarke 148:25

Long Red course

Kasimir Gregory 53:18
Don Barker 64:40
Felix Burkhard 74:48
Boahdan Gergory 78:30
Terry Cooke 85:00
Graeme Cooper 174:00

Saw Mill Creek - March 7, 2010

Despite the swampy conditions and the threat of rain, there was quite a good turn out at Sunday's event at Saw Mill Creek. Twenty three participants tried all the courses on offer, with most interest in the two red courses. Winning times in these were each about an hour, suggesting that the courses were about the right length for the terrain. Times in the other courses were considerably longer - were these course too long? Or did competitors find social discourse, and the masses of orchids too much of a distraction?

In the long red course, Kasimir Gregory comfortably headed the field, with margins of 5 minutes over Maurice Anker and 13 minutes over Don Barker.

The short red course saw a better gender balance. Terry Cooke (Saw Mill Creek's original mapper) came in 5 minutes ahead of Jenny Hawkins, with Alinta Merrotsy in third place.

Saw Mill Creek is one of the club's harder maps. It is very easy to drift off course in the bush and end up in quite the wrong place. Those who successfully completed a course therefore deserve all the more praise. For those who lost time, there is lots of opportunity to learn from the experience and to do better at future events this season.

Bob Hawkins

Blue course

Zoe Barker-Smith, Disa Smart, Jeremy Bruhl 110:48

Green course

Jonathan Bruhl 51:30
Nicola Watson, Claire Hay 73:54

Orange course

Sandy Watson 108:45
Michael, John & Kieran Dennis 143:12
Torsten & Karin Strokirch 147:20

Short Red course

Terry Cooke 55:28
Jenny Hawkins 60:49
Alinta Merrotsy 84:22
Brent Gregory 91:06
Felicity Barker-Smith 95:04
Erica Smith 131:36
Gary Slocombe, Pam Menzies 160:15

Long Red course

Kasimir Gregory 60:09
Maurice Anker 65:58
Don Barker 73:02
Felix Burkhard 95:15
Boahdan Gregory 96:35
Peter Merrotsy 99:05

Dumaresq Dam - February 24, 2010

Blue course

Tom & David Waugh 35:58
Zoe Barker-Smith 38:10
Disa Smart 41:57

Green course

Sam Watson 29:48
Torsten Strokirch 39:41

Orange course

Alinta Merrotsy 44:50
Andreas Tillman 52:54
Graeme Cooper 70:40
Nicola & Sandy Watson 72:20
Rachel Waugh 79:13
Sue Gregory DNF

Red course

Kasimir Gregory 31:38
Maurice Anker 36:07
Murray Scown 36:10
Peter Merrotsy 40:03
Felix Burkhard 41:47
Bob Hawkins 42:06
Boahdan Gregory 46:10
Michael Smart 63:51
Brent Gregory 67:06
Erica Smith 101:30
Campbell Jones DNF

Moran Oval - February 17, 2010

Blue course

Torsten Strokirch & Disa Smart 11:35
Zoe Barker-Smith 29:03
David & Tom Waugh 40:30

Green course

Alinta Merrotsy 14:00
Sam Watson & Henry Sindel 68:00

Orange course

Murray Scown 13:45
Kasimir Gregory 14:50
Maurice Anker (controller) 16:35
Peter Merrotsy 18:33
Don Barker 20:22
Felicity Barker-Smith 20:35
Rachel Ward 21:30
Alec Watt 22:45
Gary Slocombe 26:34
Brent Gregory 26:45
Katie Lillyman 28:30
Sandy Watson 35:00
Campbell Jones 40:35
Graeme Cooper 42:20
Erica Smith 48:00
Nicola Watson & Bronte Walsh 57:30
Jane Watt DNF

Drummond Park - February 10, 2010

Blue course

David & Tom Waugh 30:20
Zoe Barker-smith 32:10

Green course

Jeremy & Jonathan Bruhl 28:18
Torsten, Karin & Disa 28:20

Orange course

Murray Scown 18:34
Maurice Anker (controller) 26:23
Peter Merrotsy 28:20
Rachel Waugh 29:04
Alec Watt 30:14
Michael Smart 30:46
Andreas Tillman 32:31
Alinta Merrotsy 34:43
Brent Gregory 35:08
Don Barker 35:10
Felicity Barker-Smith 43:20
Sue Gregory 44:35
Graeme Cooper 47:35
Sandy & Nicola Watson 50:11
Erica Smith 69:11

Course Setter
Kas Gregory 17:25