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2011 Results

December 11, 2011 - Pine Forest

Graeme Cooper set an interesting 1 hour score event for the Xmas event this year. After consistent rain in the days prior overnight it was a surprise to see sunshine and a half warm breeze trying to dry out what was otherwise a very wet forest. The myriad cycle tracks in the eastern part of the forest have made the area easier and trickier at the same time. Most of the juniors had difficulty with the area despite the controls being near or on tracks.

The scoring for the Xmas trophy was handicapped so that Red runners got 2 points a flag, Orange 3 points and Green/Blue 4 points. The one exception was the Xmas tree control where the handicapper , SantO, reversed the points.

There were several Red orienteers who got all the flags lead by Kasimir Gregory who got all 19 flags in 31 minutes followed by Don Barker in 49 mins and Maurice Anker in 56 mins. Boahden Gregory was back in 47 mins but left out a flag.

However the Orange and Green orienteers took the first 3 places.

Byron Smith, a strong cross-country runner, whose only orienteering was at school, entered as an Orange orienteer and got all flags in 50 mins. Orange orienteers Elsie Baker and Rowena Childs got 15 and 14 flags respectively.

First time orienteer Peter Thomas from Tamworth walked around as a green course orienteer and finished equal with Rowena on points. Great effort.


Full results

FlagsTimePoints per flagLatePoints
NormalXmas treePenalty
Byron Smith195033057
Elsie Baker156133144
Rowena Childs145533042
Peter Thomas115942042
Kas Gregory193124040
Don Barker194924040
Maurice Anker195624040
Boahdan Gregory184724038
Sue & Brent Gregory125633036
Erica Smith126133135
Warren Clark85942030
Karen & Torsten Von Strokirch95933027
David Symons136324327
Garry Slocombe96133126
Zoe Barker-Smith & Jonathon Bruhl2484206

November 20, 2011 - Blue Hole

Sunday dawned bright and sunny at Gara Gorge. I should know - I was out hanging flags! Since the river had been up over the footbridge earlier in the week, your event organiser was concerned that further rain might make the northern side of the river inaccessible. Consequently he procrastinated about courses, until it was clear that Noah wouldn't be sailing by anytime soon!

Coupled with not allowing enough time to play with the new equipment, I found myself hanging controls by torchlight on Saturday evening, and still having about half the controls to put out on Sunday morning. This resulted in a number of control descriptions being incomplete (and one just plain wrong!), for which I apologise.

It was a shame to have no starters on the Green course, but Zoe & Disa (& friends) were very pleased to have a Blue course they could do without the need for parental concern. People adapted very well to electronic punching and remote starts, however Eric achieved the unique distinction (for a club event) of a DNS (Did Not Start) when he made a parallel error on the way to the Start and failed to find it.

The two loop red course seemed to work well - people could choose to do either or both courses, so there was lots of coming and going as the Long Red competitors came in to download split times, have a drink, grab a new map and head off again.

One leg on the Medium Red course gave the option of crossing the gorge or going the long way round (via the finish). I warned most competitors about the dangers of crossing the gorge, as the roar from the water seemed quite intimidating. However several competitors managed to cross regardless. Results from this leg (about 250 metres in a straight line) proved very instructive - to cross the gorge, Don took 22:30, Garry took 27:20, and Felix took 30:21, while going around the long way took Boahdan 8:30 (yes that's right - eight and a half minutes!), and Graeme (who wasn't in a hurry) about 25 minutes. To be fair, Kasimir took 10:37 to cross the gorge - much quicker than the others, but it was the only leg on which brother Boahdan beat him, so the wrong route choice probably cost Kas 3 - 4 minutes!!

Night watch

Using electronic punching will allow course setters to be more creative, and means we can introduce side competitions like the finish chute sprint (time from a common last control to the finish). However finish chutes will need to be carefully positioned to avoid accidents. At this event the last control was at the far end of the metal footbridge. Maurice tripped (he blames the pressure of too many spectators), and fell heavily onto the footbridge, gashing one hand badly, and grazing his knees. His hand now sports four stitches, but amazingly he can still play the violin!

Footnote: it was interesting the way the usage of the National Park changed during the day. At first we had it all to ourselves, then picnickers and paddlers occupied all the tables and the easily accessible spots beside the river. When I returned from collecting flags (about 4:00 pm), the car park was full, but there wasn't a soul to be seen! However there was a lot of clothing, towels, shoes etc. lined up on the river bank just below the foot-bridge, so apparently a large number of people had taken to the water and gone down the gorge (as Garry nearly did earlier). This would explain the screams and yells I could hear coming from the gorge while collecting flags!

PS - the little cutie in the picture was sitting quietly in a tree beside the track on Saturday evening. I hope it wasn't the one found dead on the track barely 200 metres away by several competitors!


Blue course

Zoe Barker-Smith & friend 37:34
Disa Smart & Nadine Nimmo 66:58

Green course

No Starters

Orange course

Sandy Watson 70:22
Torsten & Karin 103:27

Red course

Short MediumTotal
Kasimir Gregory16:5734:1751:18
David Symons21:52DNF
Boahdan Gregory24:3240:1264:44
Don Barker26:1157:3883:49
Maurice Anker28:55
Felix Burkhard31:5568:28100:23
Brent Gregory43:36
Sue Gregory43:56
Eric BakerDNS
Finish Chute Sprint (in seconds)

Kas 27
Don 39
Boahdan 40 (estimate)
David 41
Torsten 42
Felix 48
Sandy 71
Maurice 79 (injured)

Green, Orange and Short Red all shared the same last leg, so all competitors in those classes were automatically entered in the Finish Chute Sprint. Congratulations to Torsten, who gave the adults a run for their money!

October 30, 2011 - Dumaresq Dam

This was our first club event using sportident punching and it proved to be very popular as well as efficient in the start and finish procedures. The school/training kit certainly works very well for small events and without the need for a computer.

On the green course, James Symons did very well to just pip newcomers Ryan Davies and George Garvey. Not satisfied with this performance, Ryan and George backed up to tackle the orange course and achieved a very creditable third place behind Michael Smart and Matt McKenzie. Murray Scown's absence on a mountain bike ride meant Kas Gregory faced little competition on the red course to take the lead from David Symons and Don Barker.

Green course

James Symons 26:28
Ryan Davies, George Garvey 26:30
Lloyd barker-Smith 28:10
Felicity Barker-Smith 29:12
Lindsay Symons 33:16
Zoe Barker-Smith 51:46

Orange course

Michael Smart 40:40
Matt McKenzie 56:52
Ryan Davies, George Garvey 62:53
Rowena Childs 65:28
Erica Smith 110:13
Karin, Torsten, Disa von Strokirch, Alan Scott 122:55

Red course

Kas Gregory 54:49
David Symons 77:54
Don Barker 80:03
Boahdan Gregory 81:27
Peter Merrotsy 89:07
Alinta Merrotsy 95:26
Felix Burkhard 97:56
Maurice Anker 108:00

September 16, 2011 - Thalgarrah

Green course

Sam Watson, Will Robertson, Braydon Stoessel 43:05

Orange course

Brent and Sue Gregory 94:29

Short Red course

Felix Burkhard 70:37
Alinta, India, Phoebe, Rhianna 102:47

Long Red course

Kas Gregory 38:11
Don Barker 61:14
Maurice Anker 64:33
Eric Baker 79:09
Boahdan Gregory 111:11

August 21, 2011 - Dangars Falls

Fourteen hardy individuals and teams braved the showers and cool breeze at Dangar Falls on Sunday. Early starters found it rather cold, but missed the heavier showers that came later in the morning.

Einar & Tumi Thorsteinsson were fastest over the Blue-Green course, followed by Michael & Disa Smart, and Zoe & Felicity Barker-Smith. The Bruhl family also deserves honourable mention.

Karin & Torsten von Strokirch started late on the Orange course and sadly saw their map disintegrate in the rain. Commiserations!

Three veterans competed on the Short Red course. Eric Baker was fastest in 53 minutes, with Jenny Hawkins close behind in 62 minutes. [She may have paused too long admiring a lyre bird....] Apologies are due to Eric for the amount of uphill out of the 7th control.

The Long Red produced the closest contest, with barely a minute separating the first three finishers. Maurice Anker (75 minutes 20 seconds) was just 30 seconds faster than Peter Merrotsy (.....would that Peter had set off more rapidly from the start......!!). Don Barker was third, in 76 minutes 35 seconds. Clearly Don's error at Control #1 was more serious than Maurice's error at Control #2..... [see routes - ed] We didn't have a chance to ask Peter what errors he made....

Alinta Merrotsy was the only female contestant on the long red course in a worthy 99 minutes.

The course setter apologises if the control at the southern pit (#78) was seen as a bit unfair. In mitigation: he would have had more options for placing it, had the string on the control been longer.......

The remote start (and the weather) made things a bit complicated on the day. Special thanks are due to all those who offered to help. A specially warm thank you goes to Vicki & Graeme Cooper, who braved the cold wind at the registration & finish throughout the event.

Bob Hawkins

Green course

Einar & Tumi Thorsteinsson 32:10
Michael & Disa Smart 40:50
Zoe Barker-Smith (+ Felicity) 43:0
Jeremy, Fran, Oliver & Jonathan Bruhl 55:00

Orange course

Karin & Torsten von Strokirch

Short red course

Eric Baker 53:05
Jenny Hawkins 62:00
Garry Slocombe 105:40

Long red course

Maurice Anker 75:20
Peter Merrotsy 75:50
Don Barker 76:35
Alinta Merrotsy 99:35
Alec Watt 119:00

July 24, 2011 - Oakview

A beautiful sunny New England winter's day greeted the 33 participants who made their way to Oakview, 20km west of Armidale, on July 24th. The Rocky River was crossable this year, although some rock-hopping dexterity was required in order to stay dry. This meant that the full map was able to be used for the courses.

Axel and Bethany Jedlicka were fastest around the Blue/Green by a five minute margin, followed by Sophie Schtze with Zoe Barker Smith and then James Symons. That run took just enough of Sophie's energy for her to be pipped in her second run, on the Orange course, by Sandy Watson. The large hill on the south side of the map provided for some route choice legs on the red courses, and it seemed that left, right and straight over were all chosen on the day, Bob Hawkins took the honours on the short red and Kas Gregory left all in his wake on the long.

David Symons

Blue/Green course - 2.1km 11 controls

Axel & Bethany Jedlicka 27:01
Sophie Schtze & Zoe Barker-Smith 32:50
James Symons 36:06
Tumi & Sally Thorsteinsson 45:04
Liam & Einar Thorsteinsson 45:04
Belle Jedlicka & Katherine Harwood 54:32
Sam Watson & Will Robinson 61:49

Orange course - 4.6km 11 controls

Sandy Watson 112:30
Sophie Schtze 112:55
Clara 155:37
Graeme Cooper DNF

Short Red course - 3.9km 8 controls

Bob Hawkins 58:20
Sue & Brent Gregory 88:45
Bruce Haigh & Steven Harden 90:07
Judy Colman 132:04
Felicity Barker-Smith & Erica Smith 144:25

Short Red course (modified)

Rowena Childs 59:45

Long Red course - 5.7km 13 controls

Kas Gregory 53:35
Don Barker 70:21
Maurice Anker 78:06
Boahdan Gregory 85:16
Alec Watt 91:59
Alinta Merrotsy 109:40
Peter Merrotsy MP

June 26, 2011 - Mount Brown

Blue/Green course

Sally & Tumi Thorsteinsson 49:07
Zoe Barker-Smith 53:05
Disa Smart, Bronte Wood 59:34
Tom Waugh 62:20

Orange course

Michael Smart 62:00
Karin & Torsten von Strokirch 77:55
Andreas Tillmann 106:10
Felicity Barker-Smith & Sophie DNF
Sandy Watson DNF

Short Red course

Eric Baker 40:07
Veronica & Felix Burkhard 85:00
Sue & Brent Gregory 87:00
Erica Smith 115:30
Graeme Cooper DNF

Long Red course

Kas Gregory 71:00
Maurice Anker 81:08
Alec Watt 85:24
Alinta Merrotsy, India Winiger 95:14
Boahdan Gregory 97:28
Peter Merrotsy 110:33
Rachel Waugh DNF

May 22, 2011 - Mount Duval

A mild and sunny day emerged, despite a somewhat doubtful weather forecast. The first challenge for some orienteers was finding the start! Since we used this start area for the first time, I should have placed a sign in the middle of the wheel tracks, rather than assuming people would read the instructions or see the sign in the tree at the turn-off.

Almost 30 runners assembled during the morning and went forth on their respective courses. The Blue/Green course offered a special challenge to the first team out, Disa & Zoe. Even with the help of Thorsten they were unable to locate the second control flag, which I thought was placed very visibly. It turned out that the cows I startled when setting the course were taking more notice than I expected: They had a go at orienteering with interesting results - see attached photos! Michael went to the rescue of Disa & Zoe and they were off on their course again, while I gave them a 40 minute bonus on their course time. However, they were still beaten by Sally & Rumi, who won the honours on the blue/green course

On the Orange route Thorsten (with Dad Michael in shadow) showed competence on the course. However, the surprise for me were second place getters Clarence & Ryan who completed the course unassisted and competent in very good time.

There were 3 red courses on offer, a traditional 11 control bush course with route choice as the challenge and a short, (also 11 controls) course with an emphasis on careful map reading. The third red course was a combination of the two courses above. A total of 16 runners competed in the red class, with 6 participants tackling both courses. First place went to Kasimir, who once again showed his splendid form and blitzed both courses. Ross, a visitor from Canberra came second, thanks to a very good time on the short course, and Don in third place due to a good result on the longer course. Very closely behind was Peter Merrotsy, who also beat Don on the short, but lost time on the longer course. Special mention must go to Eric, who is still recovering from serious illness but managed to get a respectable time on the short course; and Jane who managed to startle a snake - the only encounter reported.

Overall everyone seem to have had a pleasant time and we hope to do it all again on 26 June at Mount Brown, 40 km west of Armidale.


Felix Burkhard

Blue/Green course - 2.4 km

Tumi & Sally Thorstenson 39:35
Disa Smart & Zoe Barker-Smith 59:30

Orange - 3.4km

Torsten & Michael Smart 45:35
Clarence Barker & Ryan Davies 68:55
Sandy & Sam Watson 100:30
Darcy Barker, Edan Landow & Jane Guilfoyle 72:00 (DNF)
Red courseRed 2Red 3Red 1
4.1 km2.1 km6.2 km
Kasimir Gregory31:3518:4550:20
Ross Stewart42:3027:2069:50
Don Barker40:5030:1571:05
Peter Merrotsy43:3529:3073:05
Boahdan Gregory51:2031:5583:15
Alinta Merrotsy65:0037:05102:05
Alec Watt48:10
Peter May72:23
Sue & Brent Gregory87:00
Graeme Cooper107:00
Rachel Waugh113:40
Judy Colman125:00
Michael Smart38:12
Eric Baker39:36
Jane Watt52:20

April 10, 2011 - Avondale Forest

A perfect autumn day greeted runners in this small but beautiful patch of New England forest. The field included a mixture of youth and experience with Kas Gregory blitzing the Long Red Course (40:37) and Sally and Tumi Thorsteinsson taking the honours in the novice Blue/Green class (63:00). Alec Watt made the best of the Short Red course (49:33) while Matt McKenzie put in a solid performance to record the best time on the Orange course (66:47).

Participants were generally pleased with their efforts and while some grumbled about the climb, especially into the finish, many others enjoyed the beauty and runnability of the forest once they climbed a bit and got away from the lower parts of the map.

It was great also to welcome Bill and Michelle who made the trip up from Tamworth and we hope to see them again soon.

The organiser has also learnt to co-locate registration, start and finish for future events!

Peter May

Long Red course

Kas Gregory 40:37
Bill North 60:00
Don Barker 63:27
Maurice Anker 69:57
Alinta Merrotsy 74:17
Boahdan Gregory 78:22

Short Red course

Alec Watt 49:33
Gary Slocombe 83:17
Rowena Childs 85:52
Erica Smith 130:02
Judy Coleman 141:57
Felicity Barker-Smith DNF

Orange course

Matt McKenzie 66:47
Sue Gregory 77:07
Elsie Baker 80:35
Michelle Ryan 143:00
Karin & Torsten von Strokirch 152:52
Alan Scott 153:32

Blue/Green course

Sally & Tumi Thorsteinsson 63:00
Disa Smart & Zoe Barker-Smith 153:47

March 13, 2011 - UNE

Sunday 13 March was a glorious Northern Tablelands autumn day. The earlier forecasts of showers proved to be wrong, and 34 competitors enjoyed the blue skies, beautiful sunshine and warm but not too hot temperatures perfect for orienteering. They were well tested on a couple of challenging courses on the UNE campus.

Alinta set the Blue/Green course, and felt a bit restricted by the long grass around the dam behind the Sports Union. The shorter version was hotly contested between Callum, Darcy and Disa, and several others ran around this course after they had completed the Orange course.

The Orange course led the runners through the maze of university buildings, but to get to and from there required some thoughtful route choices through some tough vegetation. India did very well in her first event running and navigating by herself. But honours went to Jane, who navigated extremely well to edge out several strong runners.

Most of the club members who compete in the Red course were otherwise engaged, or found themselves so. Welcome to Brian, who travelled from Barraba to enjoy our hospitality. Alec made it back from Tenterfield just in time to stop Alinta from collecting the flags so that he could win the Short Red event. Don and Alinta were left to battle it out in the Long Red. Were left is the operative term. Brents fence-climbing skills left him hanging: the self-sacrifice of his spouse and bairn saved him from an unknown fate; rescuers were called; and Sue and Boahdan altruistically chose to dnf. Gee, I would have finished the course first, and then . Brent has survived the ordeal. And Don was not all that far ahead of Alinta.

During the day, there was also an opportunity to acknowledge Disa Smarts very fine performance in the Christmas Five Day events, and she was presented with the Clubs Christmas trophy. Congratulations, Disa.

Peter and Alinta Merrotsy

Short Red course

Alec Watt 49:10
Brian Pettiford 57:02
Rowena Childs 61:10
Sue Gregory dnf
Brent Gregory dnf

Long Red course

Don Barker 71:08
Alinta Merrotsy 80
Boahdan Gregory dnf

Orange course

Jane Watt 45:05
Michael Smart 47:46
Felicity Barker-Smith 49:47
Andreas Tillmann 52:00
India Winiger 52:25
Nicola & Sandy Watson 56:05
Ryan, Clarry & Niam 60:45
Reuben & Flynn Charley-Briggs, & tsh & Sam Watson 64:20
Oliver & Jeremy Bruhl, & Torsten Strokirch 64:40
Kathleen Lenahan & Philippa Charley-Briggs 73:50
Erica Smith 81:40

Blue/Green course

Callum Watson & Darcy Barker 15:15
Disa Smart 16:04
Jane Guilfoyle 30:12
Zoe Barker-Smith & Jonathan Bruhl 31:30

Twilight #4 - February 23, 2011 - Dumaresq Dam

Dumaresq Dam is one of our older maps and has been worked on by numerous mappers in the 25 years of its existence. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, there are still numerous errors and inconsistencies in the mapping. This caused some difficulties for both the green and the orange courses:

  • The first control on the green course was not in open land (as shown on the map) but behind a rather large, newly grown thicket, making it more of an orange control.
  • The rather nebulous rock detail around the third orange control had been updated recently, but unfortunately an earlier version of the map was inadvertently used. This caused several people to lose time and was the cause of Murray's DNFTP.

To add to the difficulties on the orange course, the controls were marked by small squares of toilet paper, which were more difficult to see than normal flags. Also two competitors didn't realise this and hence wasted time on the first few controls until they got the idea. Thus Erica and Karen took 10-15 mins longer than might otherwise have been the case.

To cap it off, the barbeques at the picnic area were not working and hence the organiser had to make a special trip to town to get one.

Nevertheless the event provided some valuable training and an enjoyable evening around the barbeque.

Eric Baker

Long Orange course

Kas Gregory 39
Maurie Anker 49 (mapper's advantage)
Peter Merrotsy 55
Boahdan Gregory 57
Michael Smart 75
Don Barker 70
Murray Scown DNFTP

Short Orange course

Lloyd Barker-Smith 34
Felix Burkhard 36
Peter May 53
Jane Watt 67
Karen Strokirch, Erica Smith 79

Green course

Felicity Barker-Smith 42
Torsten Strokirch and Jonathan Bruhl 116
Disa Smart and Zoe Barker-Smith 116

Twighlight #3 - February 16, 2011 - Archery Field

Green Course 1.3 km

Sam Watson & Henry Sindel 30:27
Sara McNeil 36:00
Torsten Strokirch, Jonathan Bruhl and David Tan 43:00
Jess Tan and Disa Smart 43:00
Janene Carey and Genevieve Hutchinson 44:08
Rachel and Tom Waugh 44:40
Zoe Barker-Smith 46:15

Orange course 1.7 km

Kas Gregory 14:10
Don Barker 16:20
Peter May 19:27
Peter Merrotsy 20:51
Brent Gregory 21:32
Alec Watt 21:32
Boahdan Gregory 22:12
Maurice Anker 22:17
Felix Burkhard 24:31
Alinta Merrotsy and India Winiger 30:00
Katie Lillyman 33:05
Nicola and Sandy Watson 49:00

Twighlight #2 - February 9, 2011 - Moran Oval

A course - 20 controls

Kas Gregory 26:15 (Galloway route)
Maurice Anker 37:09 (Galloway route)
Alec Watt 41:24 (Galloway route)
Peter Merrotsy 42:55 (Galloway route)
Boahdan Gregory 44:43 (Galloway route)
Michael Smart 48:54 (Galloway route)
Alinta Merrotsy 54:04 (Cemetery route)
Karin von Strokirch & Janene Carey 94:00 (Cemetery route)
Graeme Cooper 95:01 (Cemetery/blackberry route)

B course - 15 controls

Murray Scown 22:36 (19 controls)
Peter May 33:38
Rowena Childs 43:45
Felix Burkhard 50:47 (19 controls)
Sandy & Nicola Watson 54:02
Sam Watson & Henry Sindel 54:32
Torsten Strokirch & Jonathan Bruhl 70:20
Erica Smith 71:15

C course - 10 controls

Disa Smart & Genevieve Carey 32:20
Chris & Daniel Ramazani 35:46
Zoe Barker-Smith 45:02

Twighlight #1 - February 2, 2011 - Soudan Heights

There was something a little different for our opening twilight event of the year. Known as a scatter event, the objective was to find, as quickly as possible, a specified number of controls out of the total number 'scattered' throughout the course area. In this case 22 controls were set and there were three courses with targets of 20, 15 and 10 controls each.

This format has all the organisational and course-setting advantages of a score event, with the additional advantage that competitors do not need to carry a watch. The event was received very favourably by competitors and the organiser was pleased to note that no two people did their courses in the same order.

In the A course, Kasimir was delighted to be in front of Murray, albeit by a small margin, and Peter narrowly edged out David, showing that he had not lost any competitiveness in spite of indulging in a few weeks of training on german beer and Black Forest cake.

Likewise Alinta had not lost her touch during her continental sojourn and easily cleaned up the 15 conrols in the B course ahead of Rowena and Felicity. The C course was surprisingly closely contested with Tom and Rachel, Zoe, and Disa all finishing within 90 seconds of each other.

Maurice Anker

A Course (20 controls)

Kasimir Gregory 18:58
Murray Scown 19:37
Peter Merrotsy 30:48
David Symons 30:50
Lloyd Barker-Smith 32:18
Felix Burkhard 32:25
Michael Smart 33:30
Don Barker 34:25
Katie Lillyman 35:25
Boahdan Gregory 36:38 (22 controls)
Alec Watt 36:49
Jane Watt 46:00

B Course (15 controls)

Alinta Merrrotsy 24:30
Rowena Childs 30:05
Felicity Barker-Smith 31:25
Erica Smith 46:50
Graeme Cooper 49:00
Karin von Strochirch 53:30
Torsten Strokirch 55:18

C Course (10 controls)

Tom and Rachel Waugh 28:18
Zoe Barker-Smith 28:30
Disa Smart 29:50
Andrea and Lila Bolger 34:00 (approx)