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2012 Results

December 9, 2012 - UNE

Warm and humid conditions greeted the runners for the final club event for 2012. Twenty controls were spread over the southern part of the UNE map for a score course with a twist. Runners had to form teams of two and collect 16 out of the 20 controls, with 4 controls mandated to be punched buy both team members.

Three controls were set just off the map, but provided no major obstacles for the competitors as all teams returned in less than an hour. For a while it looked like Gary and Maurice were going to take the trophy home, but they were beaten by two minutes by Alinta and India. A short while later father and son team Peter and Ned came through the finish, 5 minutes faster than the previous leaders, deservingly taking out the 2012 club trophy!

Those who had time stayed for the presentation of awards, a relaxed barbeque and shared orienteering and other stories.

Thank you everyone for a great NTOC 2012, have a wonderful Christmas and successful New Year!

Felix Burkhard, NTOC President

TeamA timeB timeMaxtime
Peter & Ned33:1530:3833:15
Alinta & India38:3526:3138:35
Maurice & Garry40:3732:0340:37
Kim & Michael45:0845:0845:08
Gillian & Eric45:0839:0845:08
Erica & Felicity41:4146:4646:46
Zoe + Don49:1637:2549:16

November 29, 2012 - Soudan Heights

5 controls

James Symons22:09
Zoe Barker-Smith23:44

10 controls

Maurice Anker31:32
Felicity Barker-Smith31:58
Peter May32:38
Matt & Will Mckenzie32:48
Graeme Cooper61:06
Erica Smith63:13

15 controls

David Symons40:047
Don Barker44:48
Fiona Le Surf~64

November 22, 2012 - Newling

5 controls

Seb Hale36:36
Zach Hale36:44

10 controls

Brent Gregory20:48
Lindsay Symons26:54
Sam Watson31:49
Sandy Watson32:20
Matt McKenzie (cycle)36:18
Zoe Barker-Smith61:10

15 controls

Peter May30:27
Maurice Anker33:46
Fiona Le Surf45:36
Erica Smith84:08

20 controls

David Symons37:40
Michael Smart40:50
Peter Merrotsy45:53
Felix Burkard50:01
Alinta Merrotsy57:04

November 15, 2012 - Erskine Street

5 controls

Zoe Barker-Smith23:30

10 controls

Matthew Mckenzie22:53
Brent Gregory30:51

15 controls

Michael Smart, Miki Wilson30:17
Peter May30:36
Alinta Merrotsy, India Winiger33:53
Felicity Barker-Smith36:16
Erica Smith59:59
Karin von Strokirch, Disa Smart73:37

20 controls

Don Barker39:44
David Symons40:39
Felix Burkard46:44
Fiona le Surf55:10
James Symons67:40

November 8, 2012 - Netball Courts

10 Controls

Sue Gregory23:48
Brent Gregory24:08
Felicity Barker-Smith25:57
Torsten, Disa & Karin von Strokirch41:43
Zoe Barker-Smith45:47

15 Controls

Peter May32:13
Maurice Anker39:17
Alec Watt40:43
Erica Smith73:21
Sam Watson 74:52
Troon Family86:34

Kas Cup (20 Controls)

Kas Gregory29:00
Don Barker49:27
Felix Burhard51:47
James Symons65:01
Sandy Watson74:30

October 21, 2012 - Moonbi Hill TSR

Hard 1        5.1 Km
Kaz Gregory 38:33
Don Barker 51:28
David Symons 56:10
Bob Hawkins 61:21
Bruce Haigh 62:13

Hard 2        3.3 Km
Eric Baker NTOC 33:59
Graeme Cooper 123:37

Moderate         3.2 Km
Andreas Tillmann 35:23
Brent & Sue Gregory 42:54

Easy         2.6 Km
Torsten Strokirch & Jess Tan 41:16
Karin von Strokirch, Disa Smart 49:50
Zoe Barker-Smith 77:43

September 14, 2012 - Dumaresq Dam

Frosty control

A nice cold Friday evening (see picture taken during control collection on Saturday morning) greeted the 16 participants in NTOC's annual night event at Dumaresq Dam on September 14. The 'scatter' event format was used with participants choosing from either a set of 12 easy or a set of 20 moderate controls, with three 'divisions' within moderate allowing a choice to find 4, 8 or 16 of the controls.

Felicity Barker-Smith streeted the field on the Easy course, followed by two pairs of very welcome newcomers: Dylan Burke and Chris Dick, then Julie Tadman and Cath Wyatt. The Gregory family dominated the results in the moderate divisions, despite the stretch on their torchlight resources (Kasimir and Boahdan got the good ones). Brent took out the Moderate 4 followed by Sue, with Graeme Cooper third. Boahdan Gregory led in Michael Smart and Kim Redger in Moderate 8, and Kasimir Gregory found all 20 controls to still lead in Don Barker then Felix Burkhard in Moderate 16.

Many thanks to Rowena Childs for coming out to provide moral (and data-entry) support at the start/finish, and to a traveller (Paul?) who kept the much-appreciated picnic-shelter fire going.

David Symons

Easy 10

Felicity Barker-Smith - 17:04
Dylan Burke & Chris Dick - 31:23
Julie Tadman & Cath Wyatt - 47:12
Zoe Barker-Smith & Erica Smith - 49:29

Moderate 4

Brent Gregory - 69:32
Sue Gregory - 69:37
Graeme Cooper - 121:52

Moderate 8

Boahdan Gregory - 37:59
Michael Smart & Kim Redger - 77:54

Moderate 16

Kasimir Gregory - 55:01
D on Barker - 61:12
Felix Burkhard - 85:25

August 12, 2012 - West Newholme

A small but enthusiastic group of 18 orienteers gathered on Sunday 12 August. Conditions were cold, but for people going for a run this doesnt matter! Five courses were on offer: a short and easy course and a shorter and longer course for the medium and advanced grades.

On the easy course Zoe Barker-Smith got confused by a mistake made by the course setter with the control labelling and subsequently lost the momentum. Torsten and Disa, shadowed by their mum Karin, did not have such difficulties and completed the course in reasonable time.

On the shorter medium course (4km) Rowena finished well before Newcastle guest Caroline and local Linday who were less than two minutes apart.

On the longer medium course (5.1km) Michael looked like he had the best time, but then noticed a mistake on the last control and ran back to get it right, but by then he had lost the top spot to Elsie!

Both contestants ran their short advanced course (4km) in good time, but in the end it was like an Olympic event and Maurice beat David by 1 second.

Much debate and discussions was had by the runners on the long advanced course (6.7km). One leg offered at least 3 very different, viable route choices. The fastest time on this leg was recorded by Eric who took 15.5 minutes using the southern route. Don went over the northern saddle in 18 minutes and Peter May crossed the hill in 20 minutes. Eric had a good lead but made a mistake at the last control and lost his advantage, coming second . Don managed to beat Eric by 37 seconds and be the winner of the day.


Hard 1        6.7 km

Don Barker68:55
Eric Baker69:32
Peter May80:08
Peter Merrotsy86:53
Bob Hawkins109:17

Hard 2        4.0 km

Maurice Anker50:22
David Symons50:23

Medium 1        5.1 km

Elsie Baker71:07
Michael Smart73:04
Alex Eberli93:46

Medium 2        4.0 km

Rowena Childs64:21
Caroline Taurany72:13
Lindsay Symons73:59
Sue Watt & Gina Dillon94:50

Easy        2.7 km

Torsten Strokirch & Disa Smart53:06
Zoe Barker-Smith105:02

July 22, 2012 - Long Point

The weather at Long Point was perfect for orienteering, beautifully overcast and cool, just a hint of misty rain, ideal for running; and perfect for the hot drink awaiting orienteers on return from their course. Clearly not everyone agreed with this assessment of the conditions, though, because there were only nine entries on the day.

New club member, Bruce Meder, now residing in Coffs Harbour, showed how it is done by working off the tracks and doing 9 minute/km on the Hard 1 course in quite steep terrain. Zoe Barker-Smith and Jack Steele showed good sense on the Easy course by backtraking on one of the harder legs to take the safe route along a track. As a result they still comfortably held the lead from newcomers Rob Hale and family.

Hard 1 course

Bruce Meder - 57:35
Don Barker - 72:28
David Symons - 75:42
Peter Merrotsy - 83:46

Hard 2 course

Maurie Anker - 65:25
Garry Slocombe, Lewis Gratton - 141:34

Moderate course

No entries

Easy course

Zoe Barker-Smith & Jack Steele - 47:49
Rob Hale & family - 58:18
Martina Linnnemann, Graham & Catalina Cox - 73:42

April 1, 2012 - Mount Duval

April 1st and the dog really did eat my homework! The actual times recorded have been reduced in some cases to reflect controls that were missing. Changes affect Felix, Maurice, Michael & Rowena. Thanks to Murray, who replaced a missing flag for me while running his course.


Hard 1 (combination of hard 2 & hard 3)

Murray Scown 0:53:36
Kasimir Gregory 0:54:22
Eric Baker 1:37:52
Don Barker 1:59:15
Felix Burkhard 1:45:14 (mp 4 on hard 2)

Hard 2

Peter May 1:22:44 dnf - 5 controls and plenty of wallaby watching!

Hard 3

Maurice Anker 0:35:56
Felicity Barker-Smith 0:48:56
Jane Watt 0:52:02
Gary Slocombe 1:19:19


Michael Smart 0:58:48
Sandy Watson 1:11:55
Rowena Childs 1:28:36

Easy course

Erica Smith 2:18:52
Zoe Barker Smith 2:18:55

March 11, 2012 - Oakview

Easy course

Tumi Thorsteinsson - 36:18
Disa Smart - 36:57
Zoe Barker-Smith - 56:05
Liam Thorsteinsson - 65:24

Medium course

Torsten Strokirch - 56:02
Caroline Rose - 91:19
Erica Smith - 115:12
Michael Smart - DNF

Hard course - short

Jane Watt - 88:13
Graeme Cooper - 174:31
Felicity Barker-Smith - DNF

Hard course - long

Alec Watt - 103:02
Felix Burkhard - 112:40

Twilight #4 - February 29, 2012 - Drummond Park

Green course (1.7 km)

India Winiger - 17:31
Tumi Thorsteinsson - 24:22
Torsten Strokirch & Miki Wilson - 25:19
Zoe Barker-Smith - 25:23
James Symons - 29:39
Erica Smith - 35:11
Georgina Hebblewhite - 36:44

Orange course (1.7 km)

Kieran Smith - 26:19
Pauline Smith - 34:13
Jane Watt - 41:50

Orange course (2.3 km)

Maurice Anker - 29:11
Lindsay Symons - 33:26
Rose Tasker - 40:54
Sam Watson & Henry Sindel - 43:37
Sandy Watson - 43:40
Graeme Cooper - 52:59
Karin von Strokirch - 54:41
Torsten Strokirch, Jess & David Tan - 56:06

Orange course (4.0 km)

David Symons (memory) - 42:11
Michael Smart (map) - 48:49
Alec Watt (memory) - 53:06
Peter May (memory) - 59:45

Twilight #3 - February 22, 2012 - UNE

Printer and computer problems along with my unorganisation led to touch and go circumstances on getting controls out on time, but I managed to get all the controls before people got to them. Leaving them out there for long enough was a bit of a different story for the middle course, sorry to Zoe and Erica for that. The courses also turned out a little harder in real life then anticipated from paper, especially on the shorter courses which were possibly exceeding their difficulty as it was. The rain may have scared a few people off, but the turn out was still fairly decent turnout for the conditions. Thanks to Maurice with his help with control collecting and help with gear beforehand!

Byron managed to follow up the form he showed at the Pine Forest Christmas Event at the end of last year to gain the fastest time on the Long just ahead of Don and David who were only 30sec apart. Although the battle for the 4th fastest time was closer with 21sec between Peter, Alinta & India and Felix.

In the medium course Michael & Nicki flew round to take the fastest time, Kieran managed to come in 2nd.

Karin managed to take out the short (originally named 'easy') and whilst collecting controls for me.


Blue course

Karin Von Strokirch - 41:44
Jonathan Bruhl & David Tan - 61:15 (missed control 7)

Medium course

Michael Smart & Miki Wilson - 25:32
Kieran Smith - 40:41
Axel, Bethany & Amelia(?) Jedlicka - 58:14
Erica Smith & Zoe Barker-Smith - 90:20

Long course

Byron Smith - 33:07
Don Barker - 35:58
David Symons - 36:28
Peter May - 44:06
Alinta Merrotsy & India Winiger - 44:22
Felix Burkhard - 44:27
Maurice Anker - 46:25
Rose Tasker - 61:16 (first 7)
Pauline Smith - 88:19 (4/5 reverse order)

Twilight #2 - February 15, 2012 - Moran Oval

After a relaxing afternoon putting the controls out, I had to rush to get the start set up in time for Maurice, who had to run early so as to get to a meeting in time. Originally going out on the long course, he decided to cut it short and just complete the medium loop, and so joining the ranks of all who (probably wisely) chose to not brave the large hill of the cemetery.

My challenge to the medium and long course runners was route choice- drilled into us Schools Team members at squad camps- and I had a bit of fun with it. Aside from the accidental ignoring of the out of bounds areas in the cemetery, all reports I had back were positive. Peter learnt the hard way that sometimes the easier-but-longer option IS better, losing about 5 minutes trying to get through fences to Don, who happily took the lead. My apologies to Andreas, to whom I didnt remember to explain about the SI unit numbers, so he ran around in confusion for much of the course, but still ran in in under an hour, well done.

On the medium, it was great to see the group of Torsten, David, Jess and Miki do a very competitive time, and they even looked like they had a bit of fun! Miki must have had a lot of energy that day, as she completed the medium a second time, the first being a quick run with Michael. Felicity had a lovely run to come in second, showing that the HSC year is treating her well so far. My mum Stephanie was also out, being shown the ropes by Erica. Im guessing they got as much vocal exercise as physical!

Thank you as always to the great kids that run the short course. Zoe was the clear winner this week, well done! Disa did a great job taking Nikolai out and teaching him all that he needed to know, super work!

Alinta Merrotsy

Short course

Zoe Barker-Smith 23.36
Disa Smart & Nikolai Tarte 44.01

Medium course

Maurice Anker 23.46
Felicity Barker-Smith 26.01
Michael Smart & Miki Wilson 27.46
Sandy Watson 33.27
Torsten Strokirch, David Tan, Jess Tan, Miki Wilson 37.31
Karin von Strokirch & Sandra Tarte 42.43
Graeme Cooper 53.42
Erica Smith 67.04
Stephanie Newman 67.04

Long course

Don Barker 38.07
Peter May 44.06
Felix Burkhard 47.44
Andreas Tillmann 56.25

Twighlight #1 - February 8, 2012 - Soudan Heights

Once again the Twilight season opened with a scatter event on a slightly enlarged Soudan Heights map. Three courses with targets of 10, 15, and 20 controls out of a total of 25 were offered. Although storms had threatened all afternoon and there was some light rain just before the event, the weather was in the end kind to us.

The A course was well contested with David Symons leading the way from Don Barker and Felix Burkhard. Good to see Peter May back in the fray too, while Alinta and Felicity continued their friendly rivalry.

The results in the B course were much more widely spread, with Ned May visiting from Brisbane being a clear winner. Lindsay Symons also had good run to come second with Karin von Strokirch in third. David Tan became a little confused by some of the streets but still did well to find 15 controls in in under 50 minutes.

Zoe and Jonathon, the only entrants in the C course travelled together to find their ten controls within the confines of the Arboretum.

Maurice Anker

A Course (20 controls)

David Symons 27:22
Don Barker 29:36
Felix Burkhard 30:34
Peter May 34:15
Alinta Merrotsy 34:32
Felicity Barker-Smith 36:15

B Course (15 controls)

Ned May 19:53
Lindsay Symons 25:55
Karin von Strokirch 34:30
Sam Watson 36:22
Sandy Watson 36:55
Erica Smith 42:19
David Tan 48:48

C Course (10 controls)

Zoe Barker-Smith 35:19
Jonathon Bruhl 35:20