2019 Christmas 5 days


December 27-31


The Event Program is now available for download here - version 2 released December 25.


Please note: We have been denied permission to use Newholme on Day 2 - stay tuned for further information.

Fire, road and air quality information

For a map of fire areas and conditions in NSW see https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me

For up to date information on road closures and conditions see  https://www.livetraffic.com

Air quality information can be seen at https://www.dpie.nsw.gov.au/air-quality/current-air-quality  and https://www.purpleair.com/map?opt=1/mAQI/a10/cC0#9.62/-30.5615/151.6707

Fire prevention

In view of the fire conditions there must be no open flames or other potential sources of ignition at any of these events. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • barbeques
  • petrol generators
  • cars with faulty exhaust systems


We welcome you to 5 days of great orienteering avoiding the heat of the summer in the cooler Northern Tablelands.

That said, this year has been warmer than usual and has been exceptionally dry, Armidale having received only 20% of its normal rainfall in the 7 months from April to October. If this continues through November and December, there could be a high risk of fire in some of the venues. We reserve the right to change venues or cancel events at short notice if necessary in accordance with ONSW's safety policy.


Entries are now open via Eventor. Entries close December 15.

Enter on the day will be available on selected courses.

Entry Fees (per day)


Pre-entry &

EOD hard courses

EOD other


Senior (21+) $22 $15
Junior (13-20) $15 $10
Sub Junior (up to 12 $11 $7


Family discount: If you enter all family members at the same time, Eventor will automatically provide you with a discount.

Carnival program

We return to the traditional carnival structure this year with line courses on each of the 5 days. Overall results will be based on competitors' best 4 out of 5 day results. Cumulative points will awarded each day, based on a competitor’s time relative to the winner of that class. Presentations for the overall winners will be made as soon as practical after the final day’s competition with a target time set for 10.30.

There will be a queuing start at 1 minute intervals.

Details of Winning time, Start window and Course close to be confirmed.

 Note that because of the proximity of fires to Sawmill Creek, we have moved the day 2 event to West Newholme.

Day Map Organising Club Notes Format Winning time Start window Course close
Fri Dec 27 Armidale Pine Forest Northern Tablelands Lots of termite mounds and confusing mountain bike tracks. Bush sprint 15-20 min 16:00-17:30 18:30
Sat Dec 28 West Newholme Bush n Beach Spur-gully, sparsely timbered. Some termite mounds. Long 35-45 min 08:00-10:00 11:30
Sun Dec 29 Pine Tree North NSW Stingers Complex granite and semi-open farmland   30-40 min 08:00-10:00 11:30
Mon Dec 30 Pine Tree South Bullecourt Boulder Bounders Complex granite and semi-open farmland   30-40 min 08:00-10:00 11:30
Tue Dec 31 Kooringle Northern Tablelands Semi-open farmland with patches of granite and blackberry.   30-40 min 07:30-09:30 11:00


Course class structure

Classes  Course Age/class guide 
Men A   Hard 1 M21  
Men B Women A Hard 2 M20, M35-40 W21
Men C Women B Hard 3 M16, M45-50 W20, W35-40
Men D Women C Hard 4 M55-65 W16, W45-60
Men E Women D Hard 5 M70+ W65+
Men F Women E Moderate M14 W14
Men G Women F Easy M12 W12
M/W Novice Very Easy M10 W10



Prizes will be awarded to daily winners. However, if you have already won a stage you will not be able to win a second prize except for the Overall Class prize. Daily spot prizes for will be drawn each day at random. You must be present at the draw to claim the prize.

Prize-giving will occur as soon as possible after the last start.  There will be no prize giving on Day 1 due to the lateness of the event. All Day 1 prizes will be presented onDay 2 so no one loses out!

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